Bucket list for Hsing

Here is my still to do bucket list challenges:

1. Visit 50 countries before turning 50 years old (still to go: Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Romania, Croatia, Malta, India, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, Bali, Tibet, Maldives…)
2. Particular cities or sites want to go (New York, Meteora in Greece, Silk Road, see aurora borealis, Preikestolen – Rock Pulpitis, Grand Canyon, Las Vagas)
3. Get another bachelor degree or profession certification by 40 years old
4. Start own business (at least one)
5. Be a manager/supervisory position at 35 years old
6. Publish a book (at least)
7. Start a charity or NGO foundation before 50 years old
8. Learn French (still under progress)
9. Stay over night in igloo room, on a tree,
10. Retire or change to another profession by 45 years old
11. Persuade and receive a strip tease from my partner or husband
12. Join a 10 km run or 10 km walk
13. Join a campaign (for charity or goodwill purpose)
14. Take a light plane or helicopter
15. Try surfing, tandem sky diving, swimming naked, swimming with dolphin,
16. Learn film editing,
17. Drive speed boat,
18. Host a mega fancy costume party
19. Four hand massages
20. A new change every 3 years (change in job, country living in or…)
21. Attend world famous singers (Sarah Brightman, Jose Groban)
22. Join Christmas carols singing group (sing on the street)
23. Get married and have 3 kids

Below are what I had achieved so far 🙂

1. Visited 34 countries (Taiwan, China, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, America, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Canada, Thailand, Hungry, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, UAE, UK, Turkey, Argentina, Russia, Poland, Scotland)
2. Bought a properly by 30 years old
3. Did tandem paragliding, hot air balloon, snorkeling, water rifting, skiing (blue slope only), ice-skating, roller-blading, glacier hiking (4 hours)
4. Started a website or own a blog
5. Supported World Vision sponsor a child program (still continue)
6. Stayed over night in a castle, on a small boat (for 2) and cruise ship, under the starry sky (no cover), in a tent,
7. Joined dragon boat competition,
8. Shoot a gun (10 shots at least)
9. Just tried wake boarding, indoor rock climbing, sailing, fish nibbling the feet, color SPA therapy, Turkish Haman,
10. Been to Disney (Florida, Hong Kong)
11. Took cooking lessons at foreign countries (Istanbul, Thailand)
12. A job that brings me the income I want
13. Long-haul overnight bus rides (Taiwan, Turkey)
14. Long-haul overnight train rides (China, Turkey)
15. Attended world famous singers (Sting, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Shakira)
16. Attended world famous musical or theater (Queens, Cat, Les Miserables, Mama Mia)
17. Attended world famous workshop (Bryon Katie – “The Work“)


Share your thoughts and be nice :)

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