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2012 Week 9 – Do Something Your Hands have Never Done before!!

Bucket Challenge: Go somewhere Your Hands have never been before!!

(Ending Sunday 4th March 2012)

Ever try creating fire with your hands? Ever touch sky with your both hands? I am just kidding ~

This week challenge is quite simple, straight forward and yet require a bit of thinking and actions!

The challenge is to remind us how amazing our hands are, their capabilities, and how much and many we may create and achieve with our hands!! We have took them for granted and now it is time to express our gratitude to our hands by taking them to the places they never been before and doing the actions they have never done.

The below is a list of actions that we may think of doing with our hands. They are not the only actions for sure, see if you may come up more than what we have listed:

1-10 we write, type, point, talk, contact, cook, wash, brush, paint, caress,
11-20 slap, hit, bounce balls, sweep, wipe, pick, poke, touch, press, pinch,
21-30 push, pull, turn, wave, chop (brick?), hold hands, flatten, squeeze, pat, play,
31-40 rub, tip, stroke, strike, scratch, punch, smash, snap, mold, paste,
41-50 page, turn, swirl, whistler, stand, swipe, fundle, fondle, fxxx, whip,
51-60 eat, kill, drink, clean, buy, paste, massage, support, remove, add,
61-70 wxxk, swim, stick, stir, mix, swift, sprinkle,

Challenge: Do 5 actions that Your Hands have never done before!! And with the new actions, create somethings or new experiences at the same time!

Extra Challenge:

See if you may add more hand actions to the above list in our comment section!!


To challenge yourself to fully experience with your hands!
Time required: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Energy level: Low to Medium
Preparation: Get ready to have your hands in action!!

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2012 Week 3 – Stop Postponing Your Trip!!

Bucket Challenge: Go where you always wanted or need to go!!
(Ending Sunday 22th January 2012)

Is there a place or places that you always wanted or dream to go, but there are always some reasons, so that you still have not yet visited the places?? Or is there a trip or some trips that you have promised your family, friends or even to yourself to take, but just haven’t got around to it?? Think about these places and trips! Ask yourself: When will be the BEST TIME other than NOW??

Actually there is no so-called BEST TIME as we all know it!! NOW is always the BEST TIME.

This week challenge is to ask you: take a deep breath and JUST DO IT!! Book a trip right now and JUST GO! Better yet, JUST GO RIGHT TODAY!! As crazy and unplanned as it seems, just let yourself go once without thinking, worrying it too much, over-planning the trip, or let the ‘obstacles’ and ‘excusing’ successfully stop you. You want to go to these places, aren’t you?? You promised to go, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for??

Challenge: Stop postponing your trip or promises!
Take-off a trip to where you always want to go, need to go or first comes in mind!! You owe it to yourself! Or to your family or friends!

Extra Challenge:

Other than vacation type of trips, how about trips like visiting parents or trips you know you need to go, but have been avoiding (i.i. dental, body check-up or others…). Perhaps even soul-searching trip!


To break the circle of postponing! Just be action-oriented and JUST DOOOOO IT!!
Time required: 3-hours to a weekend or more
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Book a trip, plan nothing, prepare your mind – just have fun!

Just did it!! We have booked a trip to Bilbao for this weekend 🙂 A tick in Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!! I always wanted to go visit Guggenheim museum since at least 10 years ago… The urge is getting stronger and stronger lately (not exactly knowing the reason). And Thandor always want to do a culture trip. Voila, here we go!!

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The other 8 quality hours…

What do you do in other 8 hours??

Within the 24 hours a day, if you sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours, then you still have other 8 good hours to spend! After a quick finger counting, you might say that you work more than 8 hours, plus time spent on commuting to work, eating, chatting with friends, taking care of family chores, spending time with kids, watching TV, internet surfing…etc, you just simply don’t have anytime left, let alone the quality nor the hours for yourself!

So, what do you spend most of your 8 hours on?

A statistic survey concluded by A.C. Nielsen Co., indicates that the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV per day (or 28 hours per week, or 2 months of non-stop TV-watching per year). In other words, when you reach 65 years old, you would have spent 9 years in front of the TV.

Nowadays, with Generation Y, X, Z(M), we just change from in front of TV to in front of computer. It’s the same behavior without changing the concept in the mind.

Do you also spend 4 hours per day on TV or computer? or even more? Just imagine if you could insert those 9 additional years (assuming 4 hours per day) at age 30 (or at any age as you wish), how much more could you have achieved!! How much money or career progress could we have made?! Not to mention how much more time we may invest with love ones and family to enrich and strengthen our relationships with them! How much more could we have done than just sitting in front of TV watching our time away or on computer playing games or watching streaming!

If you have more time, what will be the things you always want to do? If you have half day or one day off, on what activity and how would you like to spend this day? Solely for yourself or spend with particular others? Is there anything that has been calling for your actions?

This is the time we become aware and say “No” to TV or computer streaming. This is not a post against television or the lovely series that we spend hours and attention on.
It is more about we find some hours and make time for ourselves! To do the things we always want to do.

Why not join us our Weekly Challenge,
2012 Count Down Week 4 – No TV for a week!

For those who really want to start making a difference in the other 8 hours, may I recommend you to read this book by Robert Pagliarini, THE OTHER 8 HOURS.

For those who normally use watching TV as a way to relax their mind after a long day, why not try other ways of relaxation! See <30 Ways to Relax.


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How We Presenting Ourselves to the world in 5 Strokes!

2012 Count Down Week 6 – Presenting Ourselves to the world in 5 Strokes

Introducing ourselves in 5 strokes, telling the world who we are in a creative way and use one metaphor best describing and presenting ourselves!

About Hsing/Cindy

The 5 strokes in the picture have highlighted my strong personal traits of being creative/imaginative, sexy, a lady, in control/feminist, in love with music and having double personalities.

The metaphor best describes me will be, I am aurora borealis (northern lights) which are always changeable, astonishing and a bit mysterious! An aurora, by Wikipedia definition, is a natural light display in the sky caused by the collision of energetic charged particles. Like me, I am full of energy and unrest thoughts charging within my mind and body to go forward toward my goals.
Just like the lights appearing all over the places with different colors, my creative thoughts are flying all over the places and jumping from one end to another. The light can only be observed in the high altitude atmosphere, guess only close friends can see this side of me.

About Thandor/Loic

The five strokes in the picture show that I’m always wondering how thing works, but also about their connections, relations, implications. I’m a very curious person from my youngest age. I still don’t know if it’s a good thing to be curious, but I’m always thrilled to make new discovery or experience.

The metaphor

The metaphor best describes me will be Water. I just love water. Water is formless, shapeless and it just flows. But water can also crush and take the shape of wherever it goes. Last but not least, like in the picture below water have the prefect proportional reaction to perturbation. No more no less. In life, anything that causes you to overreact or underreact can control you, and often does.  So, I’m a person who adapt quite fast to new environment or situation and always try to react rationally.

water drop

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