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Better is not always more complex (2012.W39)

(Ending Sunday 30 September 2012)

Let me introduce you the weekly challenge by a personal story:

Two years ago, I move in with Cindy to a new flat. The flat was very nice, but there were a problem with the elevator. It just stinks, and not just a little. I have talked with neighbors and turned out the smell has always been there. It is impossible to get rid of it…

Few months passed, and I’m still annoyed with this elevator smell. I finally come to a solution. As we can see in the picture below:

I have to say I was quite proud to find this solution. And to my big surprise, people were refilling the perfume tank one after another.

The solution was not a perfect one as the refill is not cheap; and because of the small space of the elevator when pushing for perfume, the odor was quite strong.

It is only few weeks ago while doing gardening that I have the idea to use flower from Thai basilica in the elevator!! To my surprise, few branches of the basilica overcome the bad smell in a most natural way!!

I come to realize that the solution to my problem was so simple. Instead of thinking about the basics using most natural ingredients, I directly consider using ready-made commercial chemical perfume. The device used consists of plastic, metal and gas to spray the perfume. It is so much additional pollution for a small problem of a smell.

I hope I don’t bored you with my story. But it seems, when I share the story to few friends, we tend to over-thinking the problems and directly go for complex solutions, forgetting to look for simple solutions first.

So I encourage you to look carefully on how you deal with uncomfortable situations or annoyances and examine your solutions, see if there is any better and simpler solution.

Feel free to share your discovery and highlight to other reader with your new solutions.

If you want some simpler and interesting solutions/ideas for daily trivial matters: click –> 1, 2, 3.

Challenge: Examine on how we deal with discomforts or annoyances and see if there is better and simpler solution.
Extra Challenge:
Goals: Make life easier
Time required: Low
Energy level: Low
Preparation: Keep in mind the challenge as you do daily activities

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