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2012 Week 5 – Having A Different Kind of Party!

Bucket Challenge: Having and Sharing Fun in Different Style!!!
(Ending Sunday 5th February 2012)

It’s party time!! It has been almost a month after Christmas and New Year celebrations! It’s time to party again!! For some people, most of the parties are full of friends, known or unknowns, full with loud music, drinks, dance and … etc. For some people, just a few close friends spending time at home and enjoying some chit-chat..etc. No matter in which formats, partying is about having and sharing fun time together!!





What is in this week’s challenge requires you to have a different kind of PARTY where (a) the style of partying is out your league (not the normal ones you will go or do) and (b) the people you invite are not the ones you always partying with!

This is kind of fun and challenging, isn’t it?!!

It’s about time to break the comfort zone! Even in the ways you are having fun, sharing yourself, meeting and knowing others! It’s about time to give ourselves a chance sharing something in a new way with others! I am not only referring to just your close friends, also to friends, new acquaintances, colleagues or strangers!

Challenge: Having or hosting a different kind of party  
  Step out of comfort zone and try new ways to share and have fun with others!  

Extra Challenge:

Go for the crazies party idea! And invite strangers!


To step out comfort zone; to realize having and sharing fun may be obtained in different ways.
Time required: At least 3 hours  
Energy level: Medium to High  
Preparation: Take the first new crazy idea of party in mind (preferably an idea which you never had before) and invite new friends, colleagues…etc, people you thought you wouldn’t have invited!



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2012 Week 4 – Confronting Your Fear!

Bucket Challenge: Fight Your Fear by Recognizing, Understanding and Accepting it
(Ending Sunday 29th January 2012)

This week’s challenge is quite self-explanatory with the title: confronting your fear. This is going to be a hard and courage required challenge, but no excuse, we can and will do it.

We all have fear about something and it’s perfectly normal. What is destructive is when we avoid our own fear or the fearful situations that we might or are facing. Very unfortunate, by avoiding it won’t solve the problems, even worse, often let the problems grow bigger.

Due to fear, we might see problems or situations bigger or worse than it is; due to fear, we might avoid facing up to the problems or situations by spending too much time thinking, analyzing and talking about them, instead of confronting them with direct actions. There is no easier or other way than actually fight our fear by just simply RECOGNIZING, UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTING it. It takes considerate amount of courage to face our own fear, hence our own weaknesses. So let’s just be bold and step up to what we are afraid of and take actions!

List out the problems or current situations that you are fearful of or things you have been trying to avoid instead of to solve. Choose one for this week’s challenge!

It might give you determination or challenging spirit, if you put yourself in a position where you cannot back out, i.e. declaring your fear and action plan to a friend or even share on our comment box below! We are all here to support each other!:)

Challenge: Face your fear directly, understand and accept it. Carry out action plan to Manage and Reduce Your Fear!
Easy to think and talk about fear; less to do about fear. There is no perfect moment for confronting own fear other than NOW. It is NOW or NEVER!

Extra Challenge:

Share your confronting experience with a friend or in our comment box below.


To understand ourselves better! Gain confidence.
Time required: Variable
Energy level: High
Preparation: A place where you feel emotionally secured

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2012 Week 3 – Stop Postponing Your Trip!!

Bucket Challenge: Go where you always wanted or need to go!!
(Ending Sunday 22th January 2012)

Is there a place or places that you always wanted or dream to go, but there are always some reasons, so that you still have not yet visited the places?? Or is there a trip or some trips that you have promised your family, friends or even to yourself to take, but just haven’t got around to it?? Think about these places and trips! Ask yourself: When will be the BEST TIME other than NOW??

Actually there is no so-called BEST TIME as we all know it!! NOW is always the BEST TIME.

This week challenge is to ask you: take a deep breath and JUST DO IT!! Book a trip right now and JUST GO! Better yet, JUST GO RIGHT TODAY!! As crazy and unplanned as it seems, just let yourself go once without thinking, worrying it too much, over-planning the trip, or let the ‘obstacles’ and ‘excusing’ successfully stop you. You want to go to these places, aren’t you?? You promised to go, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for??

Challenge: Stop postponing your trip or promises!
Take-off a trip to where you always want to go, need to go or first comes in mind!! You owe it to yourself! Or to your family or friends!

Extra Challenge:

Other than vacation type of trips, how about trips like visiting parents or trips you know you need to go, but have been avoiding (i.i. dental, body check-up or others…). Perhaps even soul-searching trip!


To break the circle of postponing! Just be action-oriented and JUST DOOOOO IT!!
Time required: 3-hours to a weekend or more
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Book a trip, plan nothing, prepare your mind – just have fun!

Just did it!! We have booked a trip to Bilbao for this weekend 🙂 A tick in Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!! I always wanted to go visit Guggenheim museum since at least 10 years ago… The urge is getting stronger and stronger lately (not exactly knowing the reason). And Thandor always want to do a culture trip. Voila, here we go!!

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A new exploration on our senses!

Followed our weekly challenge, Exploring 5 Senses, the deprivation of sense can give you some new consideration to ponder on, but the experience and the process of going through are more fun. Here are some experiences and facts I’ve found on the net. There are many other examples out there, if you know any, please don’t hesitate to share and post it on the comments!

Let’s begin with the sense which takes 80% of our brain space on sensorial feeling. This sense is so strong it can affect other senses, ie. nice presented food seems to taste better?


Do you know we all have a blind sport? Try out this amazing experience. (Note use ctrl + sroll to make the image bigger)

Classic experience: Be blindfolded for 30 minutes and try to walk in your home with the help of a mate.


Let’s begin with an interresting fact.

In Washington DS, at Metra Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, a man with violin played six bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, approximately 2000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After about four minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seoncds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule. About four minutes later, the violinisht received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk. At six minutes, a young man leaned against the wall to listen to hum, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. Several child stopped to listen but each time their mother tugged their child along hurriedly. Every parent without exception forced their children to move on quickly. At forty-five minutes: The musician played coutinuously. Only six people stopped and listened for a short while. About twenty gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32. After one hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all, No one know this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intrcate peices ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theater in Boston where the seats average $100 each to sit and listen to him play the same music. This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the D.C. Matro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about percption, taste and people’s priorities. This experiment raised several questions: In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? If so, do we stop to appreciate it?


Each part of the tongue “taste” different try to put some lemon at the bottom of beging of the tongue and check out if the taste is the same.


[geek] Every other sensory system has own signals which go through the thalamus and ask permission to connect to the rest of the brain, including the higher levels where perception occurs. But not the nerves carrying ‘smell’ information which go to the amygdala directly. One of the role of the amygdala is to supervises the memory of emotional experiences. [/geek]

So smell directly stimulates emotions. It is for that some shops use smell to induce the customers to buy more and it’s working. Next time when visiting the cinema, be aware of the popcorn smell, does it make you hungry or want to eat something?

For the challenge, try out to smell some perfum or particular smells and pay attention to your feeling.


Some part of your skin are more sensitive than other when in contact. Ask a friend to gently poke you with a pen in your back, feet, lips, finger several times. You may see that some part of skin feel much less than the other parts. For example, our lips are more sensitive than our fingers. It evidences why baby puts lot of new objects in the mouth.


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2012 Week 2 – Exploring Our 5 Senses!

Bucket Challenge:
Re-discover our senses!

(Ending Sunday 15th January 2012)

“Die fünf Sinne” (“The Five Senses”) by Hans Makart (1840-1884)

This week, we are making some adventurous exploration! Instead of going far away, we are exploring our 5 primary senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. We use our senses so much in everyday life, sometimes we take them for granted and neglect to protect and maintain them well. Do you pay attention to your senses when they are functioning? Do you fully trust the messages that our senses communicate to us without doubting or confirming the messages? Take a look in the below video.

What has been illustrated by the video is that our senses, in this case, vision, itself is filtering the messages due to the pre-conditioned requirement instructed by us. In the video, you were asked to focus on the counting of the basketball passing; so your eyes and seeing sense is fully focusing on the ball, not on any others! Certainly some important details have been omitted and not sending to us!! Ever wonder how our pre-conditioned perceptions have made our senses filtering, blocking or distorting the messages we have received? Let me share another simple example that we might all be familiar with. When we don’t like someone, our focus will be seeing and hearing the negative things about this person, rather than the positives. Would you agree? 😛

Here is another video shows how the messages from ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ could be contradicting to each other! (Pay attention to what he said while his body language disagreed, the head shaking ‘no’)

So this week’s challenge is to have a better understanding and awareness on our senses. Pay attention to how much you relying on particular senses; how does it impact your personality and behaviors; as well as think how the sense would have deceived you in any possible way!!

Here is a post providing more ideas on how to explore your senses and their impacts.

Challenge: Re-discover our 5 primary senses
Select one sense and stop using the selected sense for 30 minutes. Take time to explore your reactions and alternative responses.
For example(1): if “Seeing” sense is selected, blindfolding yourself for 30 minutes and try to perform a daily activity, i.e. walking from the living room to the kitchen, make yourself a cup of Earl Grey tea with cream plus two teaspoon of sugar.
Example(2): if “Hearing” is selected, then watch a TV program without volume and re-watch it again with volume. Examine on the areas of different understanding.

Extra Challenge:

Do the above exercise with all 5 primary senses


Be aware of our senses, understand how they function, their impacts in our lives and how possibly they could deceive us!
Time required: Few hours
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Plan your activity around the sense selected, ensure the environment where activity takes place is safe to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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New Year “Resolutions” –> turn into “Project Actions”!!

Very often at the beginning of the year, we spend quite amount of time drafting and declaring our new year resolutions. We are fully charged for the actions ahead!! We start with great enthusiasm; and as the days go by, momentum declines, distractions step in and we start to procrastinate…. Sometimes we even forget about their existence for some while. By the end of the year, we realize it is too late to achieve any of the resolutions….

Perhaps you are doing better than what I have described above. Maybe you have achieved all or few of the resolutions set up at the beginning of the year and forgone or modified a few during the year. It’s all in the past now 🙂 What and how you did last year does not dictate how you will be and achieve this year! Set the score to zero and start new! It is more important that you are going to make a difference in this year, 2012!!

I would like to invite you to examine the “Resolutions” you will or have set for this year so far, take deep thoughts and consider the following:

    1. Do your resolutions mean something significant to you? Use the “3 layers of Ask Why vs. Reasoning” technique to assess the purposes and reasons behind the resolutions. Because only the truly, strongly desired resolution will last till the end. Your resolution has to be meaningful to you!

    2. Instead of having and calling it “Resolution“, rename it to “Project Action“! It is no longer just a statement of what you are going to achieve, but also includes the actions you are going to take, i.e. setting milestones, checking points, defining WHO will be involved, WHAT actions need to be taken, WHEN to do what, HOW and WHERE to do them. And don’t forget always keep in mind, the WHY you are doing it!!

    3. Resolution is to make our lives better; not to confine where or what we should be or to de-motivate us. Anytime during the year, when you realize you are procrastinating, off track or the resolution is not so applicable anymore, just BE FLEXIBLE and modify the resolutions. How can we just modify ‘resolutions’ that like?? That’s why it is certainly easier to have ‘resolution’ renamed to ‘actions’. Don’t forget, it is the ultimate significant goal we are trying to achieve, not the ‘resolution’.

    Let me explain further by taking an example: Since the kidney infection I had in Q1 2011, my health was deteriorated. It is highly important for me in 2012 to rebuild and bring my health at least back to what it was (while in good health). The ultimate reason and goal is to be healthy. My ‘Resolutions’ are to (1) exercise at least 5 hours a week by going to gym, (2) eat 1 fruit a day and (3) have 8 hours sleep every day. When I notice I am not going to gym that often due to spending more time with kids during the weekend, I start to feel I am failing my ‘resolutions’. So, if I rename ‘resolution’ to ‘action’, it will be instead of dropping the original planned ‘Action’, I may flexibly, without a feeling of failing, modify to another action which leads me to the same ultimate result, i.e. “taking the kids out for sport or hiking…”. In this way, I keep on heading to my ultimate goal to be healthy and yet be flexible in the methods, means, channels that take me there!

In 2012, both of us have few resolutions, oops! It’s “Project Actions” 🙂 All of them meant something to both of us! It seems even to ourselves we have lots to challenge ourselves for! But life is too short, if we don’t start now, then when??

Follow our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!!

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Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!!

We have few challenges which require few steady weeks to achieve (if not going down the crazy achiever approach). We have not just declared our New Year Resolutions, but also turn into Project Actions with more defined requirements and next step actions!

Below are our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Up-to-date Progress for 2012:
(last updated: 21 March 2012)

@ For Both
• Read 12 books (ave. 1 book per month)
>> The Naked Warrior by P.Tsatsouline (40%), Yoga for Dummy by G.Feuerstein & L.Payne (15%), Philosophy for Dummy by C.Godin (20%)
>> Relationship 101 by J.Maxwell (100%), Good Boss Bad Boss by R.I.Sutton (1%), Leadership 101 by J.Maxwell (83%), The road less traveled by M.Peck MD (100%), Warming the Stone Child by C.Estes (100%), Be Happy without being Perfect by A.D.Domar (60%), Just Listen by M.Goulston (20%)
• 3 Couple Yoga Positions
• 250 hours of Yoga practice (ave. 5 hours per week)
• travel to 4 destinations together
>> Bilbao Spain (20th-23rd January), Bueons Aires Argentina (28th March-29th April)
• 52 weekly challenge posts + 52 other posts
>> 6 weekly challenges + 2 posts

@ Hsing
• Take a course on Relationship Coaching course
>> Already Started!! 12 classes started from 4th January – 21th March 2012
• 1 Book Published and 10 copies sold to unknown readers
• 3 more art workshops taking place for Art As You Like Studio
• Overnight Stay at an Igloo Bar/Hotel (including learning ski and skiing to the Igloo Bar)
• Learn how to use video edition; make and share 2 video (3 mins long each)
• Hike 5 mountains that each is above 2000m (spend at least 5 hours on hiking per each trip)
• One fruit per day (inspired by “Kaizen” for 30 Days!)
>> so far 1 fruit per day in progress!

@ Thanor
• 10 kg loss (from 90kg to 78kg)
>> diet already in progress (86.5/87kg)
• 15 Additional Customers for E-Chinese Teaching
• Do sledge dog
• Make a cool stuff using arduino
• Do a ”1 pic a day” video of me
• Fluent basic Chinese conversation with Chinese Speakers


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