2012 (Resolution) Project Actions

We have few challenges which require few steady weeks to achieve (if not going down the crazy achiever approach). Below are our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions:
(last updated: 4th January 2012)

@ Hsing

• Take a course on Relationship Coaching
• 1 Book Published and 10 copies sold to unknown readers
• 3 more art workshops taking place for Art As You Like Studio
• Overnight Stay at an Igloo Bar/Hotel (including learning ski and skiing to the Igloo Bar)

• Learn how to use video edition; make and share 2 video (3 mins long each)
• Hike 5 mountains that each is above 2000m (spend at least 5 hours on hiking per each trip)
• One fruit per day (inspired by “Kaizen” for 30 Days!)

@ For Both
• Read 12 books (ave. 1 book per month)
• 3 Couple Yoga Positions
• 250 hours of Yoga practice (ave. 5 hours per week)
• travel to 4 destinations together
• 52 weekly challenge posts + 52 other posts

@ Thanor

• 10 kg loss (from 88kg to 78kg)
• 15 Additional Customers for E-Chinese Teaching
• Do sledge dog
• Make a cool stuff using arduino
• Do a “1 pic a day” video of me
• Fluent basic Chinese conversation with Chinese Speakers

Fellow our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!!


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