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The Journey into Yourself!

Book review on:
The Journey Into Yourself
By Eckhart Tolle

The Journey into Yourself (Review in Amazon)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Description for the book: inspiring, be aware of present, inner space,

Why did I choose to read this book?
My Relationship Coaching course has just finished and I wanted to find some readings to further understand relationships, i.e. relationships with opposite sexes, families, friends, others and including with myself. I saw this book accidentally in the audio selection and I thought, why not take a journey into myself, a relationship with myself and see what I could learn in this journey!

With a bit courage, I’d like to share with you that I am a person who don’t take disappointments well, think too highly of myself and sensitive in taking criticisms. It takes lots of energy for me to ‘recuperate’ from the damages. So I thought (a) prepare myself for the potential disappointments; (b) reduce my own ego and (c) knowing myself & my own weaknesses and accept them before others point out or make a criticism about it, these will help me better in equipping for my own defenses. On top of this, I always believe constant searching and improving oneself is a life time mission. So I heard this 10 hour book.

If you are like me or at least the part want to know yourself better, this book is an interesting option! It’s not a step-by-step type of guide book to know ourselves better, but rather focuses on the relationship between “YOU” and “THIS PRESENT MOMENT” and the concept of “ACCEPTING AND SURRENDERING TO WHAT IT IS NOW” at this present moment. This concept helps in bringing awareness to the present, catching and watching own emotions and energy flow, seeing and understanding own thoughts arising and at the same time, allowing and giving the space to ourselves in the stillness to let everything happens in the inner level. It’s a journey into ourselves with different perspective.

What did I learnt or was inspired by from reading?

There are many ideas or statements I have found it very interesting and inspiring! (not sure if I am 100% agree with them, but it’s an opening for me):

  • We are living in the moment of “NOW“, but always at the moments of “the PAST” and thinking about “the FUTURE“.
  • Every thought has its moment coming into our mind, attracting our attention, making us going into details and making us becoming the ‘thought’ itself. We need to be aware of these moments, because we are the master of our thoughts, not the slave of our thoughts.
  • Now” is the prerequisite of being in life; if you miss this present moment, you miss the entire life. When you are connected to this moment, there is no expectation of how this moment should be, but only living it and accepting as what it is at this moment.
  • Be aware of what are the ‘things‘ that distracting you from living and being in this present moments; you have given these ‘things’ higher priority than ‘you are living in this moment’. For example, you are in a middle of a  good chat with your family over lunch table and all of a sudden, your phone rings, what do you do? Are you aware of how you prioritize ‘things’?
  • By Seeing, Feeling, Stepping back, becoming Aware of our own thoughts pattern and Allowing, Accepting as it is, we are creating and giving ourselves a silent space, a silent moment to just BE OURSELVES and a second chance.
  • When we allow, accept and surrender to life, to as what it is, life goes through ‘you’ and you become part of this living life. If you notice your resistance to surrender, it’s a good start to explore the root cause of your resistance and letting go of it. When we let go of what’s holding us back, we become free emotionally and mentally.
  • Zen is everywhere. The state of mind, being Zen, does not require one to perform any rituals, to do certain practices or go certain places; we may enter Zen simply through sound, body, almost through anything everything which requires us a certain level of attention, alertness, openness and letting go of ego, to the status of simply “BEING YOURSELF“.
  • Personal drama gives a sense of who you are; your STORY represents a sense of self. It’s all about ones own EGO. An ego about “I am right“, “I am suffering and you (or the world) owe it to me.“, an excuse to “who I am today” or “whom I have become today“. People normally don’t die with their stories which happened and finished in the past. They continue living in the past pain or glory, instead of living in the present and accept who they truly are, not what they think they are.
  • To simplify life is not to indulge oneself in excessive consumption of own ego.

What will I start doing differently from now?
I am not too sure what would I start doing differently now, perhaps focus more on being in “NOW” and stop thinking too much for the future. What I do know and feel differently is that I notice this silent space within, a space I could store and slow down my emotions (processing them), seeing and inspecting my thoughts (trying to accept as they are without judging them or myself), accepting who I am, being and knowing who I am and choosing how differently I want to react to the event (a second chance to behave from the auto-response).

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29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

Book review on:
29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life
By Cami Walker

29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life (Review in Amazon)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Description for the book: inspiring, encouraging, empathetic, giving

Why did I choose to read this book?
Tell me, who does not like gifts? I was first attracted by the title, “29 Gifts” and then by the story of how misfortune happened on a health individual (could have been on anyone of us), how she went through her battle with sickness and the road of recovery by giving to others. Her spirit enrolled me. Her life started to change when she started to shift her focus from pitying herself to giving others. Positive changes started to happen as she focuses out! It’s not a concept or theory, but a real life story which impacts on others and lives of millions.

What did I learnt or was inspired by from reading?
There are few ideas or statements I would vouch for in this book:                                                           (translation may lead to slight differences in understanding)

  • I will give passionately.” If we give, out of obligation or unwilling heart, this will only create negative energy which no one appreciates or benefits from.
  • When we open our hearts to give, we receive ‘humbleness’ in return.
  • While learning how to give, at the same time, is learning how to receive.
  • Faith + Giving + Gratitude = Abundance
  • When one is indulging oneself in self-center (self-ego), one becomes small, self-focused and lonely
  • one tends to neglect that self is a part of a bigger universal picture to fulfill the needs of human race.

What will I start doing differently from now?
I checked out and joined the 29 Gifts Organisation, Changing Life One Gift At A Time. There are many good initiatives which require our participation and actions to make this world a better place; to remind us showing our appreciation and gratitude to others, i.e. our families, friends, colleagues and strangers, as well as to ourselves.

I like the idea or the concept of ‘Giving‘ and ‘Receiving’; even more, I like experiencing and living through them. This is what makes us human and feel we are living our LIVES!!

Joining Cami 🙂 to promote this GIVING activity! Join us for our weekly challenge: Giving 7 Gifts Away

Video: Cami Talks about 29 Gifts on the Today Show

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