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Free Online Study

This post is about a new information revolution touching education.

This revolution gently started in October 2011 when the two most famous teachers in AI start an online course program. To a huge surprise more than 160’000 students register for this course. There were children, lone mother, PHD… People from all around the world follow the lesson. I know that because I was one of them. This was an incredible experience, and so many views and ideas were shared in nice and productive environment.

After the success of this course an incredible thing happened: Many university teachers from different places begin to propose similar course in fields such as physics, business, humanities, statistics…

And I am not talking a about slide and exercise put online but real course with lecture taught by world-class professors who work universities like MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley and so on.

Courses are interactive videos but this is not all there are also; exercises, active global community, exams, slides, quizzes etc. By a voting system, teachers answer to student’s top questions.

Every course is free and for everyone.

Here is some websites you find this kind of course.

Academic Earth
Khan Academy

And for the one who are interested with an MIT education for $2’000:

For  high school (secondary school) student

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2012 Week 8 – A new skill!!

Bucket Challenge: Learn something new, something you always wanted to learn.

(Ending Sunday 26th February 2012)

Always wanted to learn a new skill, but you postpone it, because you are lacking time, money or energy? Let’s cut with this crap, please~ It is now or never! Let’s face it: If we don’t find now solution to learn something new, there is very few chance we will ever learn it in the future. Of course there are exceptions, but look at this picture and tell me what’s your excuse? Feeling a little bit ashamed of your own excuses? Don’t worry, we all are. But now it’s time for make up, no more excuses!

I’m sure you all have ideas of things you want to learn. It can be something quite easy like; how to tie a tie or how to cook a special dish. It can also be things more complex, like how to cut your boyfriend’s hair or lock picking. And why not begin to learn a new language or an instrument? It’s never too late. Just give it a try! Sometimes the first step is the most difficult one. This weekly challenge can be the impulse that puts you back on the tracks.

Let’s do it!

Albert Einstein: Once you stop learning you start dying.

Challenge: Learn a new skill.
Missing idea?

Extra Challenge:

Show us what you learn.


Prove yourself you can always learn something new and there is no point of waiting.
Time required: 30 minutes to a lifetime
Energy level: Low to High
Preparation: Post in comment what you chose to learn.

More: 50-things-everyone-should-know-how-to-do

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