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Book Read in 2012 and Lessons Tips or quotes that strike me

One of my 2012 (resolution) Project Actions was to read at least 1 book a month. I manage to read 27 books and wish to share some of the “wisdom” I get reading these books.


Listed in no particular order:

The naked Warrior, Pavel Tsasouline

With high body tension and power breathing we can greatly improve performance in all movements.

How to Learn Any Language, Barry Farber

It’s okay to learn several languages at the same time. When learning a language it’s important to use all dead time to work on the language. It’s become much easier when we see it like a game.

Martial Arts Reader, Randy F. Nelson

“Both ancient and modern martial artists spoken of peace, harmony, and reconciliation as representing the very highest levels of their arts.”

History of Julius Caesar by Jacob Abbott

“To write and speak well gave a public man great influence in those days.”

“Courage and enterprise, in fact, ought not to be expected of the rich; they are the virtues of poverty. “

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

“One paper published by a Duke University researcher in 2006 found that more than 40% of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decisions, but habits.”

“Habits never really disappear.”

A Sociopath Beside Me, Junie Moon

“It has been estimated that one in twenty-five Americans has shown sociopathic behaviour. This is the sociopath’s greatest advantage. He is invisible.”

“Sociopath does not follow societies “norms”, and is incapable of playing by the rules. He has no rules, nor can he recognize other’s rules. He does not have a conscience. Thus, he has no brake on socially unacceptable behaviour, no boundary past which he dare not go. The sociopath lacks a moral compass. He cannot experience guilt. He knows no remorse. His life is simply endless sinister manipulation of others to feed his own ego.”

“When you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, it probably is not right. Once more, our best defence is awareness and willingness to question.”

World War Z, Max Brooks

“In times of extreme adversity man can be brought to his knees but also show his resilience.”

The Beginning of the End, Manel Loueiro and Pamela Carmell

You can’t hit and run zombie with a car without getting badly injure.

Mud, Sweat and Tears, Bear Grylls

Climb Everest is way much harder than what I imagine, but so much people have made it again all odds and other have died trying.

Adventure is where you find it. Always be prepared in wild.

Bear Grylls eat normal food with his teammate when shooting man VS wild.

Outlaw tome 1-4, Angus DOnals

The ways history facts, tales and the story mix is fantastic in these books.

Take care first of the one in your close circle.

A song of Ice and Fire tome 2-6, George R.R. Martin

Power resides in perception, and is as volatile as it.

Burn Notice: the Fix, Tod Goldberg

When you make plan, expect to rework them several time.

Burn Notice: The End Game, Tod Goldberg

Yacht race are way too easy to cheat. Never bet money on it.

To My Sons: Lessons for the Wild Adventure Called Life, Bear Grylls

The book is a collection of advises.

“Have a few close friends who you see often—they friendship matters more than having many shallow acquaintance.”

“Always look people on the eye.”

The Hunger Games tome 1-3, Suzanne Collins

To save a life people must sometime risk their own.

Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card      

Don’t underestimate children. They see things from different angles and thus have interesting insight.

There is no referential in sapce.

Total Recall; My Unbelievable True Life Story, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Big challenge move people.

Cuban cigars smell like fertilizer.

Sets goals, take risk and work hard.

The Bourne Identity, Robert Ludlum

Best spy book I have ever read.

Test everything and assume nothing.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam

They track Time and most important of all they have good productive morning habit.

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2012 Week 10 – Read a book you will never pick!

Bucket Challenge: Read or begin to read a book you will never expect to read!

(Ending Sunday 11th March 2012)

It is always rewarding to read. We learn and discover new stuffs or ways of thinking. Sometimes it is like, through reading, we live a different life, have a new friend or a coach.

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.  ~Author Unknown

The problem is, as time passes, we end up always reading the same kind of books.

There is nothing really bad about it. The pity is that we aren’t developing further our ability to see things from different perspectives. This ability is so important, because it brings new solutions to problems, makes us more understanding and aware of the world. Most important, with this skill, we question things we never really think deeply about, i.e. our beliefs, habits, tastes, perceptions, or self-contraints. These elements, all together define our characteristics and form a big part of who we are, how we think, and what we do. They are the key elements of our being, but we rarely pay much attention to them. Isn’t that weird?

Each time, we question these elements, we become more aware of who we really are. We subsequently change, refine and strengthen our characteristics as well as ourselves.

Bucket list challenge promotes self-awareness and continuous exploring into ourselves, so we may have awesomeness in our life.

Many people think traveling is the only way to develop the ability of seeing things from different angles. But it’s not true. Traveling is for sure a great way to develop this skill, but it is not the only way. So don’t worry if you can’t afford to travel around the world. The act of reading many different kind of books, especially the books that challenge your beliefs and open your mind, is as valuable as if you were travelling.

So back to our challenge—read a book you will never pick!

You can go to a library and randomly pick a book or ask a good friend to lend you a book he thinks you will never read.

This challenge could be inexpensive and relatively easy to do, but don’t let yourself be fooled. The rewarding of doing this challenge is huge!

So keep being open minded when doing this challenge, don’t give up and let’s begin now!!

Let’s go!

Challenge: Read a book you never think about reading
Randomly pick a book or ask a friend to pick one for you.

Extra Challenge:

Read more than one book.


To understand yourself better and the world.
Time required: 1 hours or more (depending on your reading)
Energy level: Low to Medium
Preparation: Get the book and be open minded.

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