Gifts in Disguises

Challenges in general are associated with negative feelings and unpleasant confrontations, especially when being challenged by others or defeated in competitions involving others.

The word “Challenge”, as per one of dictionary definitions, is defined as ”A test of one’s abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking”*.

A challenge is more intimidating when we realize there is inadequacy in our abilities or resources. It takes courage and honesty, which we often take for granted, to face our own shortcoming and to do something about it. When we set a goal to achieve, but failed, instead of focusing on the negative feelings and inferiority, it is better we appreciate our own courage and honesty for accepting own shortcomings, declaring goal to enhance ourselves, embracing failures and coming up with solutions.

When a challenge is successfully completed, it often brings us more than what we originally expected. We have not only accomplished the challenge itself, but also we become more confident, self-assured and encouraged to the next challenges.

Bucket List Challenges are goals we both set for ourselves as individuals and as a team. We see challenges in a positive way where we may enjoy and benefit from them.

We invite your joining with us to see challenges as gifts in disguises, and start your own challenges or join our challenges where possible.

Looking forward seeing you!

*Dictionary definition from The Free Dictionary


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