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2012 Week 9 – Do Something Your Hands have Never Done before!!

Bucket Challenge: Go somewhere Your Hands have never been before!!

(Ending Sunday 4th March 2012)

Ever try creating fire with your hands? Ever touch sky with your both hands? I am just kidding ~

This week challenge is quite simple, straight forward and yet require a bit of thinking and actions!

The challenge is to remind us how amazing our hands are, their capabilities, and how much and many we may create and achieve with our hands!! We have took them for granted and now it is time to express our gratitude to our hands by taking them to the places they never been before and doing the actions they have never done.

The below is a list of actions that we may think of doing with our hands. They are not the only actions for sure, see if you may come up more than what we have listed:

1-10 we write, type, point, talk, contact, cook, wash, brush, paint, caress,
11-20 slap, hit, bounce balls, sweep, wipe, pick, poke, touch, press, pinch,
21-30 push, pull, turn, wave, chop (brick?), hold hands, flatten, squeeze, pat, play,
31-40 rub, tip, stroke, strike, scratch, punch, smash, snap, mold, paste,
41-50 page, turn, swirl, whistler, stand, swipe, fundle, fondle, fxxx, whip,
51-60 eat, kill, drink, clean, buy, paste, massage, support, remove, add,
61-70 wxxk, swim, stick, stir, mix, swift, sprinkle,

Challenge: Do 5 actions that Your Hands have never done before!! And with the new actions, create somethings or new experiences at the same time!

Extra Challenge:

See if you may add more hand actions to the above list in our comment section!!


To challenge yourself to fully experience with your hands!
Time required: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Energy level: Low to Medium
Preparation: Get ready to have your hands in action!!

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2012 Week 8 – A new skill!!

Bucket Challenge: Learn something new, something you always wanted to learn.

(Ending Sunday 26th February 2012)

Always wanted to learn a new skill, but you postpone it, because you are lacking time, money or energy? Let’s cut with this crap, please~ It is now or never! Let’s face it: If we don’t find now solution to learn something new, there is very few chance we will ever learn it in the future. Of course there are exceptions, but look at this picture and tell me what’s your excuse? Feeling a little bit ashamed of your own excuses? Don’t worry, we all are. But now it’s time for make up, no more excuses!

I’m sure you all have ideas of things you want to learn. It can be something quite easy like; how to tie a tie or how to cook a special dish. It can also be things more complex, like how to cut your boyfriend’s hair or lock picking. And why not begin to learn a new language or an instrument? It’s never too late. Just give it a try! Sometimes the first step is the most difficult one. This weekly challenge can be the impulse that puts you back on the tracks.

Let’s do it!

Albert Einstein: Once you stop learning you start dying.

Challenge: Learn a new skill.
Missing idea?

Extra Challenge:

Show us what you learn.


Prove yourself you can always learn something new and there is no point of waiting.
Time required: 30 minutes to a lifetime
Energy level: Low to High
Preparation: Post in comment what you chose to learn.

More: 50-things-everyone-should-know-how-to-do

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Shift Your Focus on Something that Best Works for You!!

In life, what we place our focus on is where we experience our emotions and where our energy is invested!

The ability to “Shift Your Focus” is a very powerful and useful technique in life. No one is promised with a wonderful, easy and smooth life. Nor anyone is promised with a harsh, laboring and bumpy life. Some believe destiny is pre-meditated; some believe destiny is in our hands. No matter which one you believe, one always have the choice on WHAT TO FOCUS ON in life. What we place our focus on, is where we experience our emotions and where our energy is invested. If we focus on the negative emotions, our energy is spent on experiencing the negative emotions. In this case, why not turn the situation around and optimize the advantages, choose to see and focus on the beautiful, positive sides of life which make us experiencing the positive emotions and spend our energy more productively on generating more positive energy?

Choose “What Works” for us to achieve a life we desire. Remember we have the ABSOLUTE CHOICES in the ways we want to present ourselves to the world.

When things happened out of expectation, people tends to response more negatively than positively, consciously or unconsciously. When things went wrong, it is easier to blame others than taking up the blame. When a child wants to try something new, it is easier for the parents to tell(demotivate) the child by saying, “.. listen to me, I can tell you that it will not work..”, so that the parents may in the name of protection, not to worry for their child’s failure. At home, when a wife expresses her intention to go back to work place, it is easier for a husband to say(demotivate), “ haven’t work for a long while, I don’t think people will take you..”, instead of taking the time encouraging, preparing and supporting his wife’s emotional needs. We may be the one response negatively, consciously or unconsciously; we may also be the one receiving the negative feedback.

We have no controls over others, what they will say, what they will do or the impacts they bring to us. However we have the choice to decide on which part of what we hear that we would like to accept and allowing which part of impacts into our lives. When an event happens, the event is neutral. It is our beliefs, perceptions and experiences highlights certain details for us to focus on and attach the relevant emotions onto the events. In other words, if we are not consciously aware and let our negative beliefs, perceptions and experiences leading us to FOCUS negatively on the event, we will EXPERIENCE and even magnify the negative emotions, as well as spending our ENERGY on incubating the negative energy pool.

Why do we choose to focus on things which do not serve our well being in life?

  • What will our life be if we only CHOOSE something that works best for us and leaving no room for negative thoughts or feelings?
  • What will we be, as an individual, if we FOCUS on something that nurtures and energizes us, instead of wearing and tiring us down?
  • What will your marriage be if instead of thinking if I am marrying the right person, FOCUS on if I am being the right person in this marriage?
  • What will our kids be if we show our strong faith in them and continuously giving them the positive security, encouragement and support?

We may go on forever to explore the possibilities of “What if…” as much as we like. But we will never know until we put some actions into it!!

Let’s do an exercise right away! Take a current situation that you are worrying or afraid of. Reflect in parallel with my example. Loic is going to see a dentist in 2 weeks time. He is afraid of the sound of and the pain caused by a drill. (Actually me too!) First thing we need to realize is that FEAR is not absence of BRAVE. It’s just that we FOCUS so much on FEAR that we forget BRAVE is also there! They are co-exist! The more Loïc FOCUS on FEAR, the more scary and painful experiences he will anticipate and EXPERIENCE, so all his ENERGY will be spent on worrying and in fear. So if Loic tries to SHIFT THE FOCUS to BRAVE, to EXPERIENCE the positive reassuring of things will go well and spend ENERGY on something that best work for him, i.e. understand what the dentist will do, ensure dentist performs proper anesthesia, focusing on the ultimate benefits, a good tooth with no pain after the event, these may help to reduce and control the FEAR. Another effect way to SHIFT THE FOCUS is to focus on the beautiful dentist assistant 😛

Another recent example is a heart-breaking event from a friend of mine. After the break-up, her focus is entirely on “What’s wrong with me?”. Obviously she continues to experience the emotions of being sad, rejected, abandoned and inadequate; not to mention her energy is invested in lashing herself and on how to be a better girlfriend (for the man who did not appreciate who she is). If she CHOOSES to FOCUS on “It’s no one’s fault and nothing wrong with anyone. Things happen. I am hurt and I don’t like the situation. However I did give my best efforts in this relationship. Now I value who I am and how much I worth, despite the outcome of the relationship. If this relationship does not serve for us anymore, it is better to end sooner than later. I want to learn from the relationship, not let the relationship demotivates me.” In this case, even the negative emotions are still remain, but at least the the emotions are not being magnified and her energy will be spent more on how do I heal and encourage myself out of the situation faster.

Let’s Shift Your Focus on Something that Best Works for You!!

Be the Master of Your Own Beliefs!
Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better


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Checked on 2012 Week 1 Challenge “Getting Rid of Useless Stuff”

Don't worry, we keep our kitty

In response to our weekly challenge, we did some serious cleaning.

It was difficult at the beginning, because we don’t know where to start. But after some time we became crazy. Like you can see in the picture bellow:

We also put some stuff which we were hesitating to throwing away in the cellar [to be throw away soon]

I was concerned to have an empty feeling after throwing all the stuff; but it was quite the contrary. I’m feeling having much more free space which made the home look bigger and cleaner.

It was also quite surprising to see that we dug out lot of stuff we have long gone forgotten. A some point the cleaning was looking like a treasure hunt. We made a special bag for things to be given away. It did take some time, but it totally worth it.

Begin the year with a clean Zen home and you feel you can achieve anything! :p

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Checked (on our Bucket List) – Overnight on a Shaky Boat!

Shaky home for the night (cannot believe she puked ...)

This is the boat which we spent a night. It is parked at Bouveret harbor in Switzerland.

The night was cold and snowy. The boat looked small from outside. To our surprises, inside was quite warm, cosy and spacious. There are folding tables, a sink with working space and even a chemical toilet!

Just wake up, morning outside the boat.

The sailing boat was anchored inside the harbor for our night stay. The water was relatively calm, but still shake constantly and gently left and right. It took us a while to get used to the movements, especially after Cindy emptied out her full stomach after a good buffet. At the beginning, we tried to sleep with the waviness of the water, sound of the wind (got stronger as the night darken) and the crackling sound of the ropes hitting the poles. Once when we used to the regular sounds, funny thing was, we both woke up when there was total silence, wondering what had just happened? It was not an easy night to start. Luckily, at the end, we slept like babies until the owner of the boat woke us up with hot breakfast!


In the morning, there was much more snow than the night before! We were very surprised to see how beautiful the place is in the day light! We took some pictures and left for home. We may have left the boat and the place behind, but certainly the experience was still with us!! We couldn’t help on feeling the wavy feelings within us, as if we were still on the boat. We felt it on the train, on the sofa at home, even while we were lying on the bed, and still feel like as if we were on the boat! Everything was shaking a little (feel like to puke a little.. poor Cindy..)



Here is the view from the port looking towards the inland.

This experience was special and sensory. It is definitely worth it giving a try! Another tick to our bucket list challenges! Cindy and Loic

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2012 Week 7 – Be Spontaneous Once in A While!!

Bucket Challenge: Be Spontaneous and Surprise Yourself with Unplanned Events!!

(Ending Sunday 19th February 2012)

Are you missing out some spontaneous fun in life? As Valentine’s Day is approaching, how about giving some surprise presents to your love ones? Or in general, some unplanned trips or activities for the families? Or some sudden acts of care and kindness to others? Or simply just go out of the ordinary routines; be and do something different for a day or a night?

This week challenge is to have you go out of your daily routine and Be Spontaneous and do something unplanned!! It is actually easier than it seems! Just don’t think about it, JUST DO IT. After you read this post, check out what is on or happening at your local place today, invite few friends (if you want) to come along, dress up and go!! It can be as spontaneous as going to a street market, a live concert, a newly open restaurant, pizza place with a special tonight only discount, a night club, a book club meeting, an exhibition…etc; or even go onto the streets and ask for “FREE HUGS“. You find them all in your local places; if not, create one for yourself! Just go and free yourself from the mandanes! Don’t preempt or reason if this will be fun or … The aim is to try something spontaneous!



Challenge: Be Spontaneous and Enjoying An Unplanned Event!!
Just to be out of your ordinary routines!

Extra Challenge:

Invite few friends along and enjoy the spontaneousness together!


To be flexible, spontaneous and knowing you still got it (what it takes to be spontaneously fun)!!
Time required: 1-hour or more
Energy level: Low to High
Preparation: What Preparation??

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2012 Week 6 – Having Fun with Fortune-Telling!

Bucket Challenge: Having Fun with Fortune Telling!

(Ending Sunday 12th February 2012)

Do you think our life is destined and pre-planned?
Do you think there is a higher force than us to dictate where we should be going and what direction we should be taking?
Who do you think is controlling of our lives?
And exactly when we say we make our own life decisions and choose own paths, how much is really our own?

We both would like to believe our destiny is in our own hands! We don’t deny there is a higher force; however we are fully responsible for our own course of actions, own decision made in life and open for new possibilities to understand ourselves better.

So in this week challenge, we would invite you to try out and have some fun with Fortune Telling!! Of course, it is for the fun and hearing out the new possibilities in our life, rather than taking it 100% seriously.

There are many different types of fortune-telling out there (explained by Wikipedia). In additions, there are also many different methods in Chinese Fortune Telling. People often go for fortune-telling when they seek for some answers. The results may sometimes be taken too seriously as people are actively seeking for it. So it may not be a bad idea to try when not looking for it!



Challenge: Try and have some fun with any form of Fortune Telling!
Find out what destiny has for you that you don’t know 🙂

Extra Challenge:

Invite a friend along and also do the reading!


To be open-minded about future possibilities
Time required: 1 hour
Energy level: Low to Medium
Preparation: Read about what types of fortune-telling are there and choose one that you are interested, then give a try!! Remember to prepare yourself before going, it’s purely for the fun, not to be taken away by what you hear.


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