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Feedback on Participating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Let me begin with a great video which describes the Start-Up Weekend workshop.
The meaning of being an entrenpreneur.

During the Global Entrepreneuship Week, there were more than 60 Start-Up Weekend workshops and activities taking place in different cities all around the world. I have chosen the closest workshop to attend – Start-Up Weekend Genève!

All the people participated in Geneva session were gathered to an auditorium and given one-minute to present their ideas. 40 people presented their ideas out of a total 140 participants. I have to say all of ideas were well delivered.

I also gave my one-minute speech and it was quite a challenge for me. To clearly explain why my idea was the best simply in one minute and in front of 140 participants when my hands were shaking and words were running in and out of my mouth disorderly, and yet I survived. They got the message.

After everyone has taken the turn, it was time to vote for the best 15 ideas. I felt like as if spending 30 minutes in a busy fish market. See for yourself in the pictures below (notice the wrong picture yet?).

Each participant was given 3 Steve Job Bill to give to (vote for) the idea(s) they like the most. After 30 crazy minutes, the judge counted the bills per idea/project and the top 15 ideas were announced. Luckily my idea was in the best top 15 🙂

All participants were divided into the 15 groups and from this point onward, all teams went mad and hit on full power to realize their group ideas! Just to give you an idea on how crazy and intensive we were:

Teams were grouped around 19pm Friday and worked until 2am in the morning. On Saturday, teams started at 8am and continued until 2am again. On Sunday, teams worked from 8am until 5pm when the first final presentation started. Depending on the team strategies and workload allocation, some of us worked around 34 hours in a single weekend, but most people preferred to have a good night sleep and allowed more time to sleep. It was a good thing we had unlimited energy drink supply! 😛

In these three days, we had 16 coaches with all different background giving us guidance and advises. They did a great job at helping the teams. However, some participiants followed coaches’ directions without thinking it through themselves.

My idea went through various build, challenge, break down and rebuild phases. At each iteration, the idea was evolving, changing, transforming until something wonderful has appeared! At the end, only few original elements was incorporated in the final product. The product has evolved to something quite different and in fact even better!

This is the beauty of a Start-Up Weekend workshop where ideas were challenged, transformed and evolved with a group of amazing diversified individuals, coaches together with their expertise, visions and solutions.

Then I realized at that moment, what most important here is not the development of the idea, but the learning and the development of the team itself.

Following 3 days of hard work came the final presentation. It was a 4 minutes long presentation and 7 minutes for jury’s open questions.

Unfortunately our idea did not win the top best 3 ideas, but we will continue. Last year winning team did no further improvement nor implementation, despite the fact that they won and they had adequate resources and qualification needed in their team.

In fact, 30% of the projects developed in the entrepreneurship weekend workshop continue after the workshop. Only with continuous actions and efforts, things will then happen, irrespective winning the project or not. If nothing is done, nothing will happened!

Bellow is the final speech from the winning team:

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Becoming an Entrepreneur, Turning Passion and Dreams into Reality!

passion-for-lifeThe coming week, from 14th to 20th November, is the Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrating entrepreneurship and creativity. Perhaps you are already a successful entrepreneur or on the way becoming one or just starting, no matter which stage you are in, there is always room to challenge yourself and take another big step in your progress/career.

Below table illustrates the proposed potential challenges linked to various stages of entrepreneurship, find your stages and the corresponding challenges, create one challenge that is most relevant for yourself to achieve by the end of the Global Entrepreneurship Week!

One sharing point, especially for the starter 🙂 is that once it is clear that your ideas are turning into business opportunities and action plans, all you need is a leap of faith! Go ahead and hold your breath, just register your company or even a domain name for your business website. I assure, actions will just be taking place one after another! And your brain will not rest 🙂

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a life-time journey, irrespectively which stage we are in, continuous self-enhancement, learning and networking are inevitable! Let’s take a big leap together!

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2012 Count Down Week 7 – Participating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Bucket Challenge: Exploring entrepreneurial spirit, potential and creativity!

(Ending Sunday 20th November 2011)

From 14 to 20 November 2011, it’s a world week dedicated to entrepreneurship and creativity. During this week, millions of people around the world will join a growing movement of entrepreneurial people, to generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing things. Various countries are jointly to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to inspire people, especially young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big. To turn their ideas into reality. To make their mark.Global Entrepreneurship Week will connect people everywhere through local, national and global activities which designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Students, educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, non-profit leaders, government officials and many others will participate in a range of activities, from online to face-to-face, and from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings.

Check out the below websites ~

Global Entrepreneurship Week Switzerland
Global Entrepreneurship Week UK
Global Entrepreneurship Week USA
Global Entrepreneurship Week Malaysia

(search “Global Entrepreneurship Week” to find out more)Both of us are new entrepreneures in the progress of turning our passion and ideas into reality. We are still learning and exploring the world of enterpreneurship. Join us and let’s start-up our business together!

Challenge: Participating Global Entrepreneurship Week
turning passion and ideas into reality, making impressive progress in starting own business

Extra Challenge:

Business Kick-Off!


One big step closer becoming an Entrepreneure!
Time required: at least 1 day (dedicate 8 hours in Saturday)
Energy level: High (both physically and mentally)
Preparation: Project ideas, Business Plans, Business Enhancements, Attending Meetings, Networking and Sharing (if you just begin to explore the idea, don’t worry. Read here on how you may approach)


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