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2012 Week 3 – Stop Postponing Your Trip!!

Bucket Challenge: Go where you always wanted or need to go!!
(Ending Sunday 22th January 2012)

Is there a place or places that you always wanted or dream to go, but there are always some reasons, so that you still have not yet visited the places?? Or is there a trip or some trips that you have promised your family, friends or even to yourself to take, but just haven’t got around to it?? Think about these places and trips! Ask yourself: When will be the BEST TIME other than NOW??

Actually there is no so-called BEST TIME as we all know it!! NOW is always the BEST TIME.

This week challenge is to ask you: take a deep breath and JUST DO IT!! Book a trip right now and JUST GO! Better yet, JUST GO RIGHT TODAY!! As crazy and unplanned as it seems, just let yourself go once without thinking, worrying it too much, over-planning the trip, or let the ‘obstacles’ and ‘excusing’ successfully stop you. You want to go to these places, aren’t you?? You promised to go, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for??

Challenge: Stop postponing your trip or promises!
Take-off a trip to where you always want to go, need to go or first comes in mind!! You owe it to yourself! Or to your family or friends!

Extra Challenge:

Other than vacation type of trips, how about trips like visiting parents or trips you know you need to go, but have been avoiding (i.i. dental, body check-up or others…). Perhaps even soul-searching trip!


To break the circle of postponing! Just be action-oriented and JUST DOOOOO IT!!
Time required: 3-hours to a weekend or more
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Book a trip, plan nothing, prepare your mind – just have fun!

Just did it!! We have booked a trip to Bilbao for this weekend 🙂 A tick in Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!! I always wanted to go visit Guggenheim museum since at least 10 years ago… The urge is getting stronger and stronger lately (not exactly knowing the reason). And Thandor always want to do a culture trip. Voila, here we go!!

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2012 Count Down Week 2 – Reflect on Your Relationships with Your Families!

Bucket Challenge:
Build/Enhance your relationships with family members (including close love ones)!!

(Ending Sunday 25th December 2011)

‘Thanksgiving’ has just passed and soon it comes ‘Christmas’ and ‘New Year’. It’s festival seasons again! It’s family time and also the time to say thank you, to express appreciation and to make right with the family members and the important love ones. It’s time for retrospection!

If there were some unreconciled disagreements, arguments or grudges hold between you and the family members, it’s also time to reconcile, repair the damages, put down the grudges, let the unhappiness and negative feelings go! Prepare rooms for a new relationship for the coming year!

This week challenge falls in the period of Christmas days, so our challenges will be family related!

Challenge: To make extra efforts in the relationship with family members!
It may be making right with the past unreconciled matters, enhancing current status or increase the intimacy level of the relationships!

Extra Challenge:

Hands On and Just Do…(at least to 1 family member)
(a) Write or share heart-felt thoughts;
(b) Give a bunch of flowers and express your appreciation;
(c) Say “I Love You” (this can be easy for some; but difficult for some others);
(d) Find out and show interest and support to family member’s future plan.


To realize building relationship requires efforts; the more you put in, the more you get out! Leave no regrets before heading into another new year!
Time required: This whole week (event till next week if needed)
Energy level: Low to Intense
Preparation: A willing open heart, a pair of listening ears and a set of warm hugging arms!!.


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