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14 Days: 14 acts of kindness (2012.W44)

(Ending Sunday 14th November 2012)

Kindness is a selfless act inspired by the love within. It’s a most natural act of love.

Personally I believe we all have a love bulb within us. We have the ability to self-generate the energy and brighten the bulb up any time as we wish. And we all forget about this. In our lives, we have parents, families, friends, colleagues or strangers, people around us who either help us to illuminate brighter or to dim our brightness. We let them influence how bright we are, may be and will be; and neglect the important thing that we are the source of our own brightness.

When the light bulb is on, it radiates warmth and the act of kindness just shines through and takes place itself with abundant love.

The World Kindness Day is coming, on the 13th November! Will you let your love bulb illuminate to the maximum brightness?

Join us!

Challenge: join 14 Days, 14 acts of kindness in PERSONAL EXCELLENCE
Extra Challenge: Extend to 30 Days of kindness
Goals: Just light up the love bulb inside you and let your warmth shine through
Time required: 14 days to 30 days
Energy level: Medium to high
Preparation: Be kind to yourself first 🙂

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Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!

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Expand your knowledge (2012.W40)

(Ending Sunday 7th October 2012)

Ever wonder how much knowledge you will have now if instead of watching TV you would be studying?

Some facts:

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 1440 hours of nonstop TV-watching per year). In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

For learning a new language we need around 900 hours to 3000 hours depending of the complexity of the language.

So, if instead of watching TV we would be studying a language, we would master a new language each year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spend time on TV, video games, internet… Or sometimes I am just too tired to learn something.

A day is just 24 hours and we have so much more hours available when we are in control of what we can do with it. We should spend it carefully and wisely.

To be more conscious of the amount of time and lost opportunity we spend on TV, Facebook, playing video games or chattering away and so on, I’d propose a new challenge:

Replace the time we spend on watching TV or playing games with something educational.

By doing so, you don’t have to really change your habit. You just replace the content of what you are watching. It should be much easier than directly stopping TV, but still beneficial.

For Cindy and me, we will be watching free video courses from Coursera. So we will have lessons from great teachers about history, mythology, model thinking and so on.

You think you can do it? Start right now to plan what you be will watching and see you next week to see how it goes ~

Challenge: Replace the time we watch TV by watching something educational
Extra Challenge: Do it for one month!!!
Goals: To take more conscience of the amount of time and lost opportunities as we spend time on TV
Time required: The time you spend on TV
Energy level: Medium to low
Preparation: Please plan ahead now on what you will be watching and learning for the coming week. So when time comes to watch TV, you have no excuse not to watch pre-planned educational programs.

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Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!

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Free Online Study

This post is about a new information revolution touching education.

This revolution gently started in October 2011 when the two most famous teachers in AI start an online course program. To a huge surprise more than 160’000 students register for this course. There were children, lone mother, PHD… People from all around the world follow the lesson. I know that because I was one of them. This was an incredible experience, and so many views and ideas were shared in nice and productive environment.

After the success of this course an incredible thing happened: Many university teachers from different places begin to propose similar course in fields such as physics, business, humanities, statistics…

And I am not talking a about slide and exercise put online but real course with lecture taught by world-class professors who work universities like MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley and so on.

Courses are interactive videos but this is not all there are also; exercises, active global community, exams, slides, quizzes etc. By a voting system, teachers answer to student’s top questions.

Every course is free and for everyone.

Here is some websites you find this kind of course.

Academic Earth
Khan Academy

And for the one who are interested with an MIT education for $2’000:

For  high school (secondary school) student

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2012 Week 11 – Keep acquiring new knowledge

Bucket Challenge: Keep learning

(Ending Sunday 18th March 2012)

A lot of people stop learning when they finish their study. It’s understandable that after years of learning, most people are fed up with learning. But there is so much to win if we continue to learn and acquiring new knowledge.

Memory is like a muscle; if you stop learning, your ability to remember things will weaken. However this also works the other way around. The more you learn, the better is your memory. With time, you develop better strategy at learning and integrating knowledge. Learning is incremental, so don’t give up.

Put your money into learning is probably the best investment you can ever make.

Bellow is an extract from an interview with Warren Buffett:

`At a time when many college graduates face uncertain futures and are struggling to find jobs, Buffett said he still believes that “investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents. And I always advise students to do that, high school students, college students and obviously investing in your children is, in some ways, investing in yourself.” No matter what happens in the economy, “if you have true talent yourself, and you have maximized your talent, you have a terrific asset” ´ [source]

Learning new knowledge brings new possibilities and opportunities. 

Many prestigious universities like the MIT, Stanford offer free resources and lessons (pdf, recording of lessons) to everyone to download. Recently some universities offer interactive courses made to be given online. 

In these interactive courses, there are not only pdf and recording of lessons, but also quizzes, forum, exercises, study group, videos, reading material, exams and even more. All courses are given by teachers among the best in the world and for free.

So why not take classes with the most eminent teachers in the world? There are lot of courses for any subjects and any levels.

Let’s go!

Challenge: Keep acquiring new knowledge
It can be anything.

Extra Challenge:

Master this field of interest


Continue learning and improving yourself
Time required: A lot :p
Energy level: Medium to high
Preparation: Find out what you want to learn.

Some links of free online courses:

Academic Earth
Khan Academy

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