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The Journey into Yourself!

Book review on:
The Journey Into Yourself
By Eckhart Tolle

The Journey into Yourself (Review in Amazon)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Description for the book: inspiring, be aware of present, inner space,

Why did I choose to read this book?
My Relationship Coaching course has just finished and I wanted to find some readings to further understand relationships, i.e. relationships with opposite sexes, families, friends, others and including with myself. I saw this book accidentally in the audio selection and I thought, why not take a journey into myself, a relationship with myself and see what I could learn in this journey!

With a bit courage, I’d like to share with you that I am a person who don’t take disappointments well, think too highly of myself and sensitive in taking criticisms. It takes lots of energy for me to ‘recuperate’ from the damages. So I thought (a) prepare myself for the potential disappointments; (b) reduce my own ego and (c) knowing myself & my own weaknesses and accept them before others point out or make a criticism about it, these will help me better in equipping for my own defenses. On top of this, I always believe constant searching and improving oneself is a life time mission. So I heard this 10 hour book.

If you are like me or at least the part want to know yourself better, this book is an interesting option! It’s not a step-by-step type of guide book to know ourselves better, but rather focuses on the relationship between “YOU” and “THIS PRESENT MOMENT” and the concept of “ACCEPTING AND SURRENDERING TO WHAT IT IS NOW” at this present moment. This concept helps in bringing awareness to the present, catching and watching own emotions and energy flow, seeing and understanding own thoughts arising and at the same time, allowing and giving the space to ourselves in the stillness to let everything happens in the inner level. It’s a journey into ourselves with different perspective.

What did I learnt or was inspired by from reading?

There are many ideas or statements I have found it very interesting and inspiring! (not sure if I am 100% agree with them, but it’s an opening for me):

  • We are living in the moment of “NOW“, but always at the moments of “the PAST” and thinking about “the FUTURE“.
  • Every thought has its moment coming into our mind, attracting our attention, making us going into details and making us becoming the ‘thought’ itself. We need to be aware of these moments, because we are the master of our thoughts, not the slave of our thoughts.
  • Now” is the prerequisite of being in life; if you miss this present moment, you miss the entire life. When you are connected to this moment, there is no expectation of how this moment should be, but only living it and accepting as what it is at this moment.
  • Be aware of what are the ‘things‘ that distracting you from living and being in this present moments; you have given these ‘things’ higher priority than ‘you are living in this moment’. For example, you are in a middle of a  good chat with your family over lunch table and all of a sudden, your phone rings, what do you do? Are you aware of how you prioritize ‘things’?
  • By Seeing, Feeling, Stepping back, becoming Aware of our own thoughts pattern and Allowing, Accepting as it is, we are creating and giving ourselves a silent space, a silent moment to just BE OURSELVES and a second chance.
  • When we allow, accept and surrender to life, to as what it is, life goes through ‘you’ and you become part of this living life. If you notice your resistance to surrender, it’s a good start to explore the root cause of your resistance and letting go of it. When we let go of what’s holding us back, we become free emotionally and mentally.
  • Zen is everywhere. The state of mind, being Zen, does not require one to perform any rituals, to do certain practices or go certain places; we may enter Zen simply through sound, body, almost through anything everything which requires us a certain level of attention, alertness, openness and letting go of ego, to the status of simply “BEING YOURSELF“.
  • Personal drama gives a sense of who you are; your STORY represents a sense of self. It’s all about ones own EGO. An ego about “I am right“, “I am suffering and you (or the world) owe it to me.“, an excuse to “who I am today” or “whom I have become today“. People normally don’t die with their stories which happened and finished in the past. They continue living in the past pain or glory, instead of living in the present and accept who they truly are, not what they think they are.
  • To simplify life is not to indulge oneself in excessive consumption of own ego.

What will I start doing differently from now?
I am not too sure what would I start doing differently now, perhaps focus more on being in “NOW” and stop thinking too much for the future. What I do know and feel differently is that I notice this silent space within, a space I could store and slow down my emotions (processing them), seeing and inspecting my thoughts (trying to accept as they are without judging them or myself), accepting who I am, being and knowing who I am and choosing how differently I want to react to the event (a second chance to behave from the auto-response).

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Stay Within the Silence Space (2012.W21)

Bucket Challenge: Spend a day in Silence or In the Silence Space You Have Within
(Ending Sunday 27th May 2012)

What is the Space Within? 

The Space Within is the space where you, your physical body and your thoughts becoming aware of and embracing each other. It’s in this space where allowing is taking place, allowing things, objects, events and the understanding of yourself, physically or mentally, just the way they are. It’s the space of letting go of ego, judgments and thoughts, voluntary or involuntary.

Let me explain this way: when an incident happens (for example: a +-35 years old prostitute takes a +-10 years old young girl along while trying to attract business on the road), the incident itself is neutral and as it is (what we be seeing without thoughts). However we, with a pair of tinted glasses (tinted by background, religious beliefs, personal experiences or beliefs, ethics…etc), we have different views than what we actually see (i.e. she is so shameless, she is polluting younger girls, she supposes to protect her …), we have different thoughts and judgments appearing in our brain (i.e. how could she does that.., how she ends up like this …). These thoughts bring emotions to us (i.e. may be anger, disappointed, feeling disgraceful, sad, empathetic …) and perhaps these thoughts also re-enforce your beliefs or actions (once again).

The pattern here is that (1) an incident happens –> (2) We SEE what we want or choose to see —> (3) We FEEL what we think we are feeling or want to feel —> (4) We CONCLUDE what we believe or want to believe, and continue the looping, merely guided by our subconscious mind (whatever suits us, believe or not). What the Space is referring to is that after we have becoming aware of our own pattern —> (1) —> (2) —> (3),

we become aware of our own patterns and take a step back; take the time to see the incident as it is, watch our own thoughts and judgments made instantly, flying in and out of our mind; just allowing the thought and judgment as it is, accept as it is, allowing this moments for – the incident, what you see, what you think and for you alone. This is then the moment the Space arises.

This new Space within is a stillness, a silence, a pause, a chance, an opening to new vision and an opportunity to make new decision (if you want to break your own patterns); it’s an awakening call to see other possibilities and alternatives available out there; it’s a disguised second chance!

From there, the (4) mentioned above will no longer be the same each single time. Because we will be heading into the Space with one question, but leaving the space with many solutions to choose from! 🙂

Let’s work together to find and explore this Silence Space within us!

Challenge: Spend a day in Silence or In the Silence Space You Have Within
Find the Space Within and spend time with your inner self (this doesn’t mean you stop doing everything; it’s more doing daily things with the awareness of what you, your body and your mind are doing!)

Extra Challenge:

Take 1 or 2 incidents in your life, take them to this space within and enjoy looking at them.


To see own patterns, to create this space within, to learn to accept things as it is, to practice and to enjoy the space 🙂
Time required: 8 hours
Energy level: Medium to High
Preparation: (a) Try limit talking or make contacts with others. It’s a time spent with yourself;(b) Be aware of your own thoughts patterns and actions and allowing this SPACE to come in.

This post is inspired by the book “The Journey into Yourself” by Eckhart Tolle (the author of “Power of NOW“). In his book, there are more examples and insights into the relationship between oneself and NOW and this SPACE allowed for solutions, creativity, inspiration and stillness (peace) to appear.

Here you may find my book review on: The Journey into Yourself (to be published this week).

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29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

Book review on:
29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life
By Cami Walker

29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life (Review in Amazon)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Description for the book: inspiring, encouraging, empathetic, giving

Why did I choose to read this book?
Tell me, who does not like gifts? I was first attracted by the title, “29 Gifts” and then by the story of how misfortune happened on a health individual (could have been on anyone of us), how she went through her battle with sickness and the road of recovery by giving to others. Her spirit enrolled me. Her life started to change when she started to shift her focus from pitying herself to giving others. Positive changes started to happen as she focuses out! It’s not a concept or theory, but a real life story which impacts on others and lives of millions.

What did I learnt or was inspired by from reading?
There are few ideas or statements I would vouch for in this book:                                                           (translation may lead to slight differences in understanding)

  • I will give passionately.” If we give, out of obligation or unwilling heart, this will only create negative energy which no one appreciates or benefits from.
  • When we open our hearts to give, we receive ‘humbleness’ in return.
  • While learning how to give, at the same time, is learning how to receive.
  • Faith + Giving + Gratitude = Abundance
  • When one is indulging oneself in self-center (self-ego), one becomes small, self-focused and lonely
  • one tends to neglect that self is a part of a bigger universal picture to fulfill the needs of human race.

What will I start doing differently from now?
I checked out and joined the 29 Gifts Organisation, Changing Life One Gift At A Time. There are many good initiatives which require our participation and actions to make this world a better place; to remind us showing our appreciation and gratitude to others, i.e. our families, friends, colleagues and strangers, as well as to ourselves.

I like the idea or the concept of ‘Giving‘ and ‘Receiving’; even more, I like experiencing and living through them. This is what makes us human and feel we are living our LIVES!!

Joining Cami 🙂 to promote this GIVING activity! Join us for our weekly challenge: Giving 7 Gifts Away

Video: Cami Talks about 29 Gifts on the Today Show

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Giving 7 Gifts Away (2012.W20)

Bucket Challenge: Give away 1 gift each day for 7 consecutive days
(Ending Sunday 20th May 2012)

Giving is a virtue; giving generously is a bonus.

To be able to give is a blessing; be able to give generously is an abundance of the heart!

Receiving is a form of giving; giving the opportunity to the giver and allowing ourselves to be humble (that we need other’s help).

If you have not yet opened your heart to GIVE or RECEIVE, this post brings the 1st GIFT to open your heart, if you let us!

People nowadays have more possessions than people 10 or 20 years ago and yet give or share with others much less than 10 or 20 years ago. People nowadays earn much more in monetary terms and yet hold tighter of what they have … Isn’t this contradicting?

For some people, GIVING is natural and it’s not a difficult act. However for some people, they just don’t give, let along giving to total strangers. When you ask them, it’s either the act of giving just never appears in their mind or the act is not a part of their habits, or simply they just don’t feel or want to give.

Everyone takes RECEIVING differently. Some do not really like it, their ego see it as they are being pity on. Some are very fond of it as they take advantages of others via receiving from them. And some see it as the opportunities to connect and sustain the two ways interactions, thus the relationship.

With GIVING or RECEIVING, the action is not merely a DO, but a sincere GIVING or RECEIVING involves our hearts, genuine caring, open mind and careful execution. So both the giver and the receiver are content and fulfilled in the process. They both experience what they want to experience and will promote this GIVING and RECEIVING further with people around them. There was a movie, Pay It Forward also promoting similar concept! Have a look in YouTube video 🙂

So, our challenge for this week is to GIVE and to RECEIVE with your heart! It’s not so much about giving the tangibles, i.e. money, car, clothes, books away to others, but more about to offer what you have that are intangibles, the elements that make up the YOU today, i.e. your kindness, wisdom, helpful hands…etc. And as to RECEIVE, our challenge is to be aware of how open we are to receive from others and how we receive from others.

Start with giving a gift after you have read this post and experience yourself the feeling of GIVING!

Our first gift to give away is this POST to our readers 🙂 Hope this 7 days gifting and receiving experience impacts and influences your life! Come join us!

Challenge: Give away 1 gift each day for consecutive 7 days!
Share your abundance with others

Extra Challenge:

Increase to 14 days!


To experience via giving, how life around us may be changed ~ (and notice how valuable you are!)
Time required: x hour(s) each day for 7 days (depending on what you offer to others)
Energy level: Medium to High
Preparation: (a) Set your mind to give without expecting any returns;(b) Focus more on the intangibles (i.e. help, advice, words of comforts, actions) that you may offer to others than the tangibles (i.e. money, food…etc).

This post is inspired by the book “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life” by Cami Walker.

Here you may find my book review on: 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life.

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Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!


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Perito Moreno Glacier Walking 4 Hours!

BIG ICE: 4 hours hiking tour on Glacier Perito Moreno (see the red circle in the map below)

Perito Moreno Walk

The Perito Moreno Glacier is a glacier located in the Los glaciers National Park in the south west of Santa Cruz province, Argentina; and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Argentine Patagonia. It is one of only three Patagonian glaciers with 5 kilometers wide, with an average height of 74 meters (+-20 floors building) above the surface of the water of Lake Argentino (in Argentina) and a total ice depth of 170 meters (+-55 floors). It’s a 250 km2 ice formation and one of 48 glaciers fed by the Southern Patagonian Ice Field located in the Andes system shared with Chile…” ~ information extracted from Wikipedia.

During our 4D3N trip to Patagonia, lodging at nearby town, El Calafate (about +1 hour car drive from Glacier Perito Moreno), we joined a day trip BIG ICE which requiring us walking 4 hours on the glacier. Even though the tour will provide crampons to us, I was still a little concerned due to the physical requirements and my own condition. On the contrary, Loic was ready, very excited and eager about the walk.

The red circle in the map on the right is where we walked. The gradient was about +300m above sea level and the walk was intensive for the first 1 hour uphill, then the rest were flat and down hill. The tricky part was walking with the crampons; this required a bit techniques!

(Up hill – place feet like an open V, to avoid slide down; down hill – knee slightly bend, body leans backwards and step really hard into the ice, so the crampons will grab into the ice…)

This was an experience where I’d say my Mind Power Dictates Physical Strength; few times when I faced fear, fatigue and out of breath, my body signaled it would collapse soon if I don’t take a break. My mind kept on telling myself cannot stop now, just walk a bit more, just a step more and more…. and finally I completed the walk. Not to mention the recovery process straight after returning to the hotel… lots of pain on the knees and soreness on the legs …

Worth it? YES! TOTALLY!
First time seeing glacier and walking on it; it was absolutely amazing!! (see the below pictures)

Will I do it again? PERHAPS … (heard moon light walk is nice and romantic …)

Below photos were taken during the walk:

Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk Eagal
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk Guide
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk
Perito Moreno Walk End

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Mind Power dictates Physical Strength!(2012.W16)

Bucket Challenge: Mind Power dictates Physical Strength!
(Ending Sunday 20th May 2012 – Catch up post for W16)

Ever have the moments of facing fear, physical difficulties and fatigue, and you are so out of breath, your body starts to signal collapse and all you can think of is having a break?? And your mind is keeping on saying, “don’t stop, you cannot stop now, just walk a bit more, just a step more and almost there…”. Your hands, legs and body continue forward like an invincible robot, because your mind commands so; all of a sudden, you feel you are out of your body, this is not your body anymore…

This is the trans, the transition where your physical body is not controlled by you, but instead by your mind power. It’s like the mind has pre-set your body to achieve certain goals (in this case, to finish the 4 hours walk) and despite all the fatigue, out of breath experienced and in the head conversations, thoughts to quit and stop, the body just will not fret, because the body is programmed to ignore all any others, but to reach the goals (to finish the walk)!

” Mind Power is directing your thoughts toward a desired outcome. Put simply, what you focus on you attract. “ By J. Kehoe, Mind Power Basics.

The week is to challenge ourselves to explore and exercise our mind power. If you are not familiar about the ‘mind power’, google it and read up about it (which I have started searching while preparing this post and still learning and checking out). Just give it a try! If you are exercising mind power and have some stories to share, please share with us in the comment section. It’s an pretty abstract subject and it’s an experience you will truly know and accept only when you have experienced it yourself.

Are you ready to explore and exercise your mind power with us this week?

Challenge: Mind Power dictates Physical Strength!
Set a goal, challenge and go beyond what you think your physical ability can achieve.

Extra Challenge:


Aware of your mind power, use and exercise your mind power!!
Time required: 1-hour, 1-night or 1-day
Energy level: Medium to High
Preparation: Brain storm on your physical limitation and prepare yourself to go beyond (ask others’ help if needed).

Take few minutes to enjoy the below video (music and graphics):

Some readings on Mind Power:

Mind Power

Subconscious Mind Power

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2012 Week 12 – Buenos Aires, Argentina, Special Bucket Challenges!

Bucket Challenge: 5 Challenges to accomplish while visiting Argentina
(Ending 6th May 2012)

With a new job opportunity, we are going to stay in Buenos Aires Argentina for a month!! It is a great opportunity graced upon us 🙂 It is a new experience for both us, as we have not been to Argentina before, nor any countries located in South America.

We did some homework about the country, places to go, things to do and food to eat! Some information to share below (extracted from Lonely Planet)

Iguazu Falls

Argentina has gorgeous landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and lively culture. It is a traveler’s paradise. It stretches almost 3500km from Bolivia to the tip of South America. It is almost the size of India. There are mountains, waterfalls, glacier and shopping malls! Many opportunities to learn Spanish, tango and get to know the locals. Not to mention delicious steaks and busy night life.

So while we are there in Argentina for a month, we have come up specific bucket challenges for Argentina 🙂 (Actually the fact of being there is already a completion of one long-term bucket challenge of ours!!)

1. Take tango lessons and spend good quality fun time as a couple together!
2. Learn how to speak basic Spanish (at least 200 words)


4. Take cooking lesson and learn how to make local food (Saltenas)


Want to join us?


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