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2012 Week 4 – Confronting Your Fear!

Bucket Challenge: Fight Your Fear by Recognizing, Understanding and Accepting it
(Ending Sunday 29th January 2012)

This week’s challenge is quite self-explanatory with the title: confronting your fear. This is going to be a hard and courage required challenge, but no excuse, we can and will do it.

We all have fear about something and it’s perfectly normal. What is destructive is when we avoid our own fear or the fearful situations that we might or are facing. Very unfortunate, by avoiding it won’t solve the problems, even worse, often let the problems grow bigger.

Due to fear, we might see problems or situations bigger or worse than it is; due to fear, we might avoid facing up to the problems or situations by spending too much time thinking, analyzing and talking about them, instead of confronting them with direct actions. There is no easier or other way than actually fight our fear by just simply RECOGNIZING, UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTING it. It takes considerate amount of courage to face our own fear, hence our own weaknesses. So let’s just be bold and step up to what we are afraid of and take actions!

List out the problems or current situations that you are fearful of or things you have been trying to avoid instead of to solve. Choose one for this week’s challenge!

It might give you determination or challenging spirit, if you put yourself in a position where you cannot back out, i.e. declaring your fear and action plan to a friend or even share on our comment box below! We are all here to support each other!:)

Challenge: Face your fear directly, understand and accept it. Carry out action plan to Manage and Reduce Your Fear!
Easy to think and talk about fear; less to do about fear. There is no perfect moment for confronting own fear other than NOW. It is NOW or NEVER!

Extra Challenge:

Share your confronting experience with a friend or in our comment box below.


To understand ourselves better! Gain confidence.
Time required: Variable
Energy level: High
Preparation: A place where you feel emotionally secured

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