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July update on My 5 self-love actions for the next 90 days (Part 1/3)

Day 30 – Today’s home work: Create a self-love plan of 5 action items for the coming 90 days (July, August, September)

The below is my 5 self-love actions with end of July updates:

(1) Read 3 self-love books (1 book by the end of each month)

Checked – “Love Yourself and it doesn’t matter who you marry” by Eva-Maria Zurhorst

The next book for August is Encouragement changes everything by John C Maxwell.

(2) One statement per day (30 by each month end)

  • July 1 – Loving self is something I want to constantly doing in my life; so far I am proud of myself in doing it.
  • July 2 – I want to pursue my goals in life, enrich my personal growth and live to the fullest.
  • July 3 – Be the person I want to be.
  • July 4 – Be positive as always, do not let negative emotions take over.
  • July 5 – I am responsible for my own life and the decisions I have made.
  • July 6 – Not to give up trying until the very very last moment!
  • July 7 – Life is about exploring, taking myself a step further into the unknown.
  • July 8 – True love exists for the ones who believe and have faith in it.

  • July 9 – If by spending a little more allows great enjoyment in exchange and hassle-free, why budge, just spend the money.
  • July 10 – Being rich is not about how much I earn; it’s about how much I can give.
  • July 11 – Before making any compliant on things not being done; take a moment to appreciate how much has already been achieved.
  • July 12 – When I am in the driver seat, I am the boss. I am responsible for the safety not just mine own, but also every single person in the passenger seat. I do my best. If you do not approve my driving skills, take other cars.
  • July 13 – Anger promotes not only mis-communication, but further stop I from hearing what’s being said.
  • July 14 – I am proud of myself that for the past 5 days, I walk more than 15,000 steps every day.
  • July 15 – Instead of trying to control or manage others, it may be more effective and efficient to control, manage and change myself.
  • July 16 – The world does not evolve around me; things cannot just all happen as I wish. Sometimes, I would need to let others have their ways.
  • July 17 – Giving presentation is just like performing a show; always give more than 100% and enjoy the spot light, attention while on the stage!
  • July 18 – Being nervous due to adrenaline rush is to provide for the best performance. Enjoy it!
  • July 19 – Today, I decide to become a patient person.
  • July 20 – Taking some time to relax, be with self and enjoy life, these are absolutely essential!
  • July 21 – Life is what we make out of it! How much we invest is how much we get at the end.
  • July 22 – Always be aware of own physical and mental energy level. If there is any trouble cause, find it, face it and solve it before it gets serious.
  • July 23 – Take away the “I should’, “I need to” in life and change to “I want” –> I may transform self pressure to self motivation.
  • July 24 – The world is not that big; one way or another, we all related to each other.

  • July 25 – Be open minded while chatting with friends, the conversation may be surprising.
  • July 26 – It is not enough just to accept my own weaknesses, but also need (oops –>) want to ensure they do not expand or further develop in a negative direction (keep them in control).
  • July 27 – To be in control or not in control, this is the question.
  • July 28 – It’s an art to master in the area of grey or ambiguity.
  • July 29 – Sleeping is such an enjoyment; over sleeping is over enjoyment!
  • July 30 – As we cannot choose our family members, why not be the best we can be as a family member?
  • July 31 – Mis-communication is better than no communication.

(3) Two hours of exercise per week (8.5 hours every month)

Half checked – only did 4 hours this month 😦

(4) Two activities per month that I would love to do with myself (2 activities to share each month)

Checked! Sun bathing by the pool for an afternoon and listening to audio books for the whole afternoon.

(5) Save $100 per month for the thing that I always wanted ($100 more at the end of each month)



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Free Online Study

This post is about a new information revolution touching education.

This revolution gently started in October 2011 when the two most famous teachers in AI start an online course program. To a huge surprise more than 160’000 students register for this course. There were children, lone mother, PHD… People from all around the world follow the lesson. I know that because I was one of them. This was an incredible experience, and so many views and ideas were shared in nice and productive environment.

After the success of this course an incredible thing happened: Many university teachers from different places begin to propose similar course in fields such as physics, business, humanities, statistics…

And I am not talking a about slide and exercise put online but real course with lecture taught by world-class professors who work universities like MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley and so on.

Courses are interactive videos but this is not all there are also; exercises, active global community, exams, slides, quizzes etc. By a voting system, teachers answer to student’s top questions.

Every course is free and for everyone.

Here is some websites you find this kind of course.

Academic Earth
Khan Academy

And for the one who are interested with an MIT education for $2’000:

For  high school (secondary school) student

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Getting ready – Back to School syndrome!!

After the last few posts at the end of June (i.e. Completed – 30 Days on How to love yourself moremy plan on the weekly challenge How you love yourself in the next 90 days? (2012.W27)) and Enjoy right now being who you want to be ~ in early July, we have been travelling ever since (to Berlin for a weekend, to Scotland for a 10 days vacation, Istanbul this week)…

The plan was to prepare for the coming 30 Days on How to Love Your Partner (effectively 1st August 2012 – WATCH THE SPACE COMING!!), write and share more posts while during our travel… Well, plan always gets rescheduled and revised after unforeseen changes. Despite the change of plan, we have been enjoying the trip and each other’s accompany very much. (And ‘checked’ few more of our bucket list challenges!)

Photo from “Back to School Syndrome” By Woman’s Day

Now I have been back to work for a week and soon we will resume our bucket challenge post writing. I found the “Back to School Syndrome” has hit us, especially me. It’s not so much about acquiring the new goodies, but the parts that lack of energy, trying to shift the habits and routines from holiday mode to working mode, lots to do on the plate but need to settle down, refocus and prioritize properly on the job. I felt like to redefine my purpose and goals for a new beginning in the midst of all the events continue happening without me being ready, nor so much being in control. I felt left behind…

To children after vacation and back to school, it may be an adjustment of environments (home vs. school) or a shift adaptation in living routine (from a more free, less strict time schedule during holiday to regular schooling habits). It is believed children would soon pass through the phases and ready for school life again. While digging in a bit more on this long gone, but re-appeared “Back to school” feeling I have and re-examining this special relationship, I have found the psychological impact (at least for me when I was a child and guess there is till now): is that I felt everything starts again (set to zero), I need to set my goals, being in control, so I may perform and achieve and I am under the pressure of my own expectations. As at the beginning of back to school, I am still in the process of refinding myself and grasping the new; I become anxious due to not being in control, I become lost and energy less soon after grasping all directions for nothing. These phases and emotions all happened just in one go (within a split second). I am just at the end of the split second. I am totally surprised at my own findings!! (How my past experiences + emotion memory = resulted action just all copied and pasted over to the current situation!)  

I feel much better now as I slowly resuming my goals at work and with the posts writing (sometimes, something just cannot be rushed). I also love myself more (since it has become a very important subject) by changing my wordings and attitudes towards this high standard of expectation, from “I need to/should perform well” to “I want to perform well” without imposed pressure. It’s a simple change, but it changes the whole perspective for me.

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We have been traveling! (yea again ^^)

We will be back soon after the Olympics opening.

Get ready, we will come back with news challenges!

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Enjoy right now being who you want to be ~

Lately at work, I so much want to be promoted to a senior or manager position. It is about time and it is the time.

To have a manager title in life, really depends on few things, i.e.not only on my own ability and skills at work, capability in managing and leading self and others, my upper management skills, but also opportunity, chances presented and who I know, as well as the structure of the company (company gives manager title easier than the other due to nature business). So even if I am ready, no available opportunities or lucks, under given company circumstances, I just have to wait.

For someone who is action oriented and always pursuing own goals like me, WAITING is the last option. I make efforts in different alternative options, i.e. communicate to my direct supervisor, 2nd layer supervisor, colleagues in human resources, colleagues in other department, ex-bosses; expand my networks…etc. During the solution exploration, I also received some feedback. Two feedback really stroke me and inspired me:

What do you think manager is doing which I am not already doing? 

What stop me from doing my ideal manager is doing?  

Credit to “Day to be You”

It’s so true that no one is stopping me becoming a manager or leader at my own timing, earlier than my supervisor or company makes me one. I don’t need a title to behave like one; I may empower myself already to be one. I have been my own manager for at least 20 years already; from time to time, I am managing others at work, at personal relationships and with family members and friends, I am still learning in this process of managing, but I am doing it without a ‘manager’ title. Why I need one at work? (besides better pay)

If you feel the same at work, may I encourage you to continue be a manager without having the title 🙂

This particular concept, attitude and spirit may also apply to other area of life. For example, you want to be married and be a wife; then start act like one. It would not help if you act like a girlfriend who always want to be spoiled, pampered and not sharing the co-responsibility of building a home together. If you want your teenage kid to be a responsible young adult, then act like you already have one. Treat him or her like one young responsible adult, give him or her the respects, space and credit to be one.

Life is short. Let’s spend more time enjoying being one, than constantly pursuing to have one. 

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How you love yourself in the next 90 days? (2012.W27)

Bucket Challenge: How you love yourself in the next 90 day?
(Ending Sunday 3rd October 2012)

Together with our last post of Day 30 – How you love yourself in the next 90 days? in our 30 Days on How to love yourself more, we would like to invite you to join us on loving ourselves in the coming 90 days!

Very often we are busy loving the people around us and neglecting loving ourselves. We are relying and expecting others to love us and take good care of us; in fact there will be no one knows better than ourselves in understand what we want and taking good care of us. It is our privilege and responsibility.

Taking this opportunity to retrospect how you love yourselves in daily life. It’s never too late to love ourselves!

Read more about our posts on how to love yourself more 🙂 and join us for this 90 days challenge!!

Note* there is no daily post for the coming 90 days (to avoid any confusion); but rather that you come up own plan to love yourself for the coming 90 days.

We will have random posts and sharing in the coming 90 days; and will do another 30 Days on How to Love Your Partner from 1st August 2012.

Challenge: Love yourself in the next 90 days!!

Extra Challenge:

Make this a life time challenge!


To pay attention to ourselves and love ourselves in daily life. 
Time required: 10 minutes to 1 hour or more per day
Energy level: Low – High
Preparation: Plan yourself properly and just do it!!

Check out my plan!

* Encourage and support us by sharing this post with your friends or clicking “LIKE” if you like our post:)

Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!

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