About Us

Our warmest welcome to all Bucket List Challenges Visitors!

We are two interdependent individuals who have the same view on the preciousness of “Shortness of Life” and shares the passions for achieving our goals in life. We first started with our own bucket lists and thought, why not combined the lists and encourage each other? We can do it together and perhaps share with others around the world! And this is the birth of our Bucket List Challenges blog.

We would like to invite the rest of the world, our visitors like you, to start a bucket list for yourself or to continue your bucket list, if you have already started one, to join us in sharing and achieving bucket list goals together!

“Life is shorter than we may think of it to be. It’s great to know by death-bed that one has achieved what one has intended to accomplish.” Cindy Kao

“Creating a bucket list is not enough, we must fill it.” Loïc Rosset

See how We Presenting Ourselves to the world in 5 Strokes!


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