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2012 Week 2 – Exploring Our 5 Senses!

Bucket Challenge:
Re-discover our senses!

(Ending Sunday 15th January 2012)

“Die fünf Sinne” (“The Five Senses”) by Hans Makart (1840-1884)

This week, we are making some adventurous exploration! Instead of going far away, we are exploring our 5 primary senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. We use our senses so much in everyday life, sometimes we take them for granted and neglect to protect and maintain them well. Do you pay attention to your senses when they are functioning? Do you fully trust the messages that our senses communicate to us without doubting or confirming the messages? Take a look in the below video.

What has been illustrated by the video is that our senses, in this case, vision, itself is filtering the messages due to the pre-conditioned requirement instructed by us. In the video, you were asked to focus on the counting of the basketball passing; so your eyes and seeing sense is fully focusing on the ball, not on any others! Certainly some important details have been omitted and not sending to us!! Ever wonder how our pre-conditioned perceptions have made our senses filtering, blocking or distorting the messages we have received? Let me share another simple example that we might all be familiar with. When we don’t like someone, our focus will be seeing and hearing the negative things about this person, rather than the positives. Would you agree? 😛

Here is another video shows how the messages from ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ could be contradicting to each other! (Pay attention to what he said while his body language disagreed, the head shaking ‘no’)

So this week’s challenge is to have a better understanding and awareness on our senses. Pay attention to how much you relying on particular senses; how does it impact your personality and behaviors; as well as think how the sense would have deceived you in any possible way!!

Here is a post providing more ideas on how to explore your senses and their impacts.

Challenge: Re-discover our 5 primary senses
Select one sense and stop using the selected sense for 30 minutes. Take time to explore your reactions and alternative responses.
For example(1): if “Seeing” sense is selected, blindfolding yourself for 30 minutes and try to perform a daily activity, i.e. walking from the living room to the kitchen, make yourself a cup of Earl Grey tea with cream plus two teaspoon of sugar.
Example(2): if “Hearing” is selected, then watch a TV program without volume and re-watch it again with volume. Examine on the areas of different understanding.

Extra Challenge:

Do the above exercise with all 5 primary senses


Be aware of our senses, understand how they function, their impacts in our lives and how possibly they could deceive us!
Time required: Few hours
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Plan your activity around the sense selected, ensure the environment where activity takes place is safe to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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