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Sex and Intimacy Game

(For readers more than 18 years old)

Preparation 1:

  • 8cm x 8 cm post-it (30 sheets in the same color)
  • 2 pens, a timer and a bowl
  • 3 hours from each player, set aside for fun! (no interruptions, i.e. phone calls, SMS and no subsequent arrangement)

Preparation 2:

  • Use the post-it, each writes down 6 questions (1 question per sheet) relating areas of sexual desire, love, intimacy…etc., that you are curious about your partner. Once you have completed writing, fold the post-it inwards 3 times, so that writings inside the post-it are not visible from outside. Put them in the bowl. The questions are designed to get to know each other more; not to put your partner in an accusation stand (i.e. why do you want me to….) or in a difficult situation (i.e. out of all your ex, who do you love the most). Remember it’s about you and your partner, not with anyone else. Good examples are: (questions start with ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’)
  1. What would you like me to do more in bed that makes you feel good?
  2. When do you feel most intimate or close to your partner?
  • Write down the following 8 questions or happy-to-do in separate 8 post-it sheets and mix well with your 12 pieces of post-it in the bowl.
  1. Name 1 sensual part of your own body and ask your partner to lick the part with the remaining minutes
  2. Ask your partner to share intimate thoughts with you by you start saying: “Trust me that you are safe with me emotionally, share with me how you feel lately”
  3. Express gratitude on 5 things your partner has done for you lately
  4. Name 3 aspects or reasons that your partner is sexy in your point of view
  5. Kiss and breath all over your partner’s face, except your partner’s mouth
  6. Name 5 qualities in your partner that attract you very much
  7. Say 3 things that you would want your partner to know right now
  8. Apologize to your partner for 3 things you have neglected or wouldn’t have done lately
  • Set the timer for 3 minutes

Game On:

  1. Decide who will go first; the first person picks a post-it from the bowl
  2. Use up full 3 minutes (with the help of a timer) to answer the question or to perform the happy-to-do task on the post-it.
  3. It’s possible that you have picked your own post-it; this is perfectly fine. Your partner would not mind to know more about you with your own questions.
  4. Then change turn, the second person repeats no.1-3 above.

Remember: the objective is to have fun, be open and honest as much as possible to each other, be brave to try the happy-to-do and share your inner emotions, as well as to have sex and intimacy at the same time. Hope both of you have fun!!

If you are in the mood for more, why not have a read in our other post, 30 days of love making – an act of love per day.

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2012 Week 7 – Be Spontaneous Once in A While!!

Bucket Challenge: Be Spontaneous and Surprise Yourself with Unplanned Events!!

(Ending Sunday 19th February 2012)

Are you missing out some spontaneous fun in life? As Valentine’s Day is approaching, how about giving some surprise presents to your love ones? Or in general, some unplanned trips or activities for the families? Or some sudden acts of care and kindness to others? Or simply just go out of the ordinary routines; be and do something different for a day or a night?

This week challenge is to have you go out of your daily routine and Be Spontaneous and do something unplanned!! It is actually easier than it seems! Just don’t think about it, JUST DO IT. After you read this post, check out what is on or happening at your local place today, invite few friends (if you want) to come along, dress up and go!! It can be as spontaneous as going to a street market, a live concert, a newly open restaurant, pizza place with a special tonight only discount, a night club, a book club meeting, an exhibition…etc; or even go onto the streets and ask for “FREE HUGS“. You find them all in your local places; if not, create one for yourself! Just go and free yourself from the mandanes! Don’t preempt or reason if this will be fun or … The aim is to try something spontaneous!



Challenge: Be Spontaneous and Enjoying An Unplanned Event!!
Just to be out of your ordinary routines!

Extra Challenge:

Invite few friends along and enjoy the spontaneousness together!


To be flexible, spontaneous and knowing you still got it (what it takes to be spontaneously fun)!!
Time required: 1-hour or more
Energy level: Low to High
Preparation: What Preparation??

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2012 Week 5 – Having A Different Kind of Party!

Bucket Challenge: Having and Sharing Fun in Different Style!!!
(Ending Sunday 5th February 2012)

It’s party time!! It has been almost a month after Christmas and New Year celebrations! It’s time to party again!! For some people, most of the parties are full of friends, known or unknowns, full with loud music, drinks, dance and … etc. For some people, just a few close friends spending time at home and enjoying some chit-chat..etc. No matter in which formats, partying is about having and sharing fun time together!!





What is in this week’s challenge requires you to have a different kind of PARTY where (a) the style of partying is out your league (not the normal ones you will go or do) and (b) the people you invite are not the ones you always partying with!

This is kind of fun and challenging, isn’t it?!!

It’s about time to break the comfort zone! Even in the ways you are having fun, sharing yourself, meeting and knowing others! It’s about time to give ourselves a chance sharing something in a new way with others! I am not only referring to just your close friends, also to friends, new acquaintances, colleagues or strangers!

Challenge: Having or hosting a different kind of party  
  Step out of comfort zone and try new ways to share and have fun with others!  

Extra Challenge:

Go for the crazies party idea! And invite strangers!


To step out comfort zone; to realize having and sharing fun may be obtained in different ways.
Time required: At least 3 hours  
Energy level: Medium to High  
Preparation: Take the first new crazy idea of party in mind (preferably an idea which you never had before) and invite new friends, colleagues…etc, people you thought you wouldn’t have invited!



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2012 Week 3 – Stop Postponing Your Trip!!

Bucket Challenge: Go where you always wanted or need to go!!
(Ending Sunday 22th January 2012)

Is there a place or places that you always wanted or dream to go, but there are always some reasons, so that you still have not yet visited the places?? Or is there a trip or some trips that you have promised your family, friends or even to yourself to take, but just haven’t got around to it?? Think about these places and trips! Ask yourself: When will be the BEST TIME other than NOW??

Actually there is no so-called BEST TIME as we all know it!! NOW is always the BEST TIME.

This week challenge is to ask you: take a deep breath and JUST DO IT!! Book a trip right now and JUST GO! Better yet, JUST GO RIGHT TODAY!! As crazy and unplanned as it seems, just let yourself go once without thinking, worrying it too much, over-planning the trip, or let the ‘obstacles’ and ‘excusing’ successfully stop you. You want to go to these places, aren’t you?? You promised to go, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for??

Challenge: Stop postponing your trip or promises!
Take-off a trip to where you always want to go, need to go or first comes in mind!! You owe it to yourself! Or to your family or friends!

Extra Challenge:

Other than vacation type of trips, how about trips like visiting parents or trips you know you need to go, but have been avoiding (i.i. dental, body check-up or others…). Perhaps even soul-searching trip!


To break the circle of postponing! Just be action-oriented and JUST DOOOOO IT!!
Time required: 3-hours to a weekend or more
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Book a trip, plan nothing, prepare your mind – just have fun!

Just did it!! We have booked a trip to Bilbao for this weekend 🙂 A tick in Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!! I always wanted to go visit Guggenheim museum since at least 10 years ago… The urge is getting stronger and stronger lately (not exactly knowing the reason). And Thandor always want to do a culture trip. Voila, here we go!!

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2012 Count Down Final Week – Retrospection of 2011 and 2012 New Resolutions!

Bucket Challenge:
Look Back 2011 And Make New Year Resolutions!

(Ending Sunday 1th January 2011)

This week is the last week of the year. It’s time to say good-bye to 2011 and welcome 2012! A new year always brings new hopes and great enthusiasm. With a new year starting just around the corner, we all plan for new year celebrations, look forward to a fresh start and hope things will be better in the coming year! It’s time we review, place closures to our past, take the key learning and make new resolutions and challenges. It’s the reason we are all celebrating New Year with pomp and joy around the world!

The final week 2011 challenge is to spend time with self, have a look at what we did and achieved in 2011; take away the key learning; and decide the directions, next steps and challenges for 2012!

Don’t be sad that this is the last challenge of the year, because looking ahead in 2012, there will be many more challenges waiting for us!:)



Challenge: Retrospect 2011 with honesty and Make 2012 resolutions
Be honest with yourself, take the good and bad learning from the important events in 2011; and see how we may improve in 2012. (if you keep a diary, review the you in 2011 vs. the you in 2010 – any differences?)

Extra Challenge:

Declare your 2012 Resolutions by sharing with us in the “Comment” below 😉 or share it with friends and families. Join our bucket list challenges for 2012 if you want (as a motivation)!


Start the year with a fresh mind and clear goals.
Time required: 1-Night or more
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Set some time alone.

SMART New Year Resolutions:

Specific: make specific, clear goals satisfying 6 “W” questions”
Measurable: goals should be measurable, quantifiable
Achievable: foresee the “How” with reasonable personal stretch
Realistic: it’s really what you want
Timely: goals to be completed within a defined time frame

*For more explanation on SMART, click here

Resolutions are meant to be positive, motivating and take you to the next level of self-assurance! If you find yourself trapped by it, it might not be what you really want. If you have a big goal which is seemed intimidating to achieve, you may want to break it down into small ones.

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~ Benjamin Franklin”

More Links:
Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!! (Being updated constantly)
New Year Resolutions (
New Year Resolution (Personal Excellence)
Challenges Idea List!

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2012 Count Down Week 5 – Living in the Present!

Bucket Challenge: Let go the Past, Stop thinking about the Future and Start living in the Present!

(Ending Sunday 4th December 2011)

This week’s challenge requires us to be very aware of our thoughts and be strongly self-disciplined in controlling our mind. Ever notice how much time we spending on missing the past, holding on to the memories we once had or dreaming about the future, but not living in the present?

How about try living in the full Present starting from this week? Take this week’s challenge as short-term goal to start with!

Challenge: Living in the Present
Not to gossip or laundry list daily activities; and not to talk or think about the past and future for a week. Additionally do an activity which requires great concentration.

Extra Challenge:

Practise seated meditation (and let the mind go blank)
Click here for some more tips


Be aware of how often our mind wanders out of the present, at the same time develop a skill and habit living in the present.
Time required: 3 hours or a whole week (3 hours for the selected activity and whole week for self-awareness and controlling your mind).
Energy level: Medium to Strong (can greatly vary).
Preparation: (1) Find and enroll yourself right now to an activity which requires great concentration, i.e. archery, golf or just learn how to juggle;
(2) No preparation required for the whole week. Just be aware and have your mind focus on the present time. Don’t feel bad if you can’t stay all time in the present. Just give it a good try and see if there are any good outcome!

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How We Presenting Ourselves to the world in 5 Strokes!

2012 Count Down Week 6 – Presenting Ourselves to the world in 5 Strokes

Introducing ourselves in 5 strokes, telling the world who we are in a creative way and use one metaphor best describing and presenting ourselves!

About Hsing/Cindy

The 5 strokes in the picture have highlighted my strong personal traits of being creative/imaginative, sexy, a lady, in control/feminist, in love with music and having double personalities.

The metaphor best describes me will be, I am aurora borealis (northern lights) which are always changeable, astonishing and a bit mysterious! An aurora, by Wikipedia definition, is a natural light display in the sky caused by the collision of energetic charged particles. Like me, I am full of energy and unrest thoughts charging within my mind and body to go forward toward my goals.
Just like the lights appearing all over the places with different colors, my creative thoughts are flying all over the places and jumping from one end to another. The light can only be observed in the high altitude atmosphere, guess only close friends can see this side of me.

About Thandor/Loic

The five strokes in the picture show that I’m always wondering how thing works, but also about their connections, relations, implications. I’m a very curious person from my youngest age. I still don’t know if it’s a good thing to be curious, but I’m always thrilled to make new discovery or experience.

The metaphor

The metaphor best describes me will be Water. I just love water. Water is formless, shapeless and it just flows. But water can also crush and take the shape of wherever it goes. Last but not least, like in the picture below water have the prefect proportional reaction to perturbation. No more no less. In life, anything that causes you to overreact or underreact can control you, and often does.  So, I’m a person who adapt quite fast to new environment or situation and always try to react rationally.

water drop

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