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Use your body to communicate (2012.W13)

Bucket Challenge: Use Your Body to Communicate

(Ending Sunday 1st April 2012)

In this week bucket challenge, we will focus on how well your body talks, your body language.

By Wikipedia definition: “Body language is a form of mental and physical ability of human non-verbal communication, which consists of body postures, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Humans send and interpret such signals almost entirely subconsciously.”

By crossing their arms, people look less accessible.

In our first week of travel in Argentina, we make a broad use of body language. As we both don’t speak Spanish, so we were expecting to have some communication difficulties. We were wrong! With some wild imagination and bold demonstrations, we manage to communicate pretty well.

Here is a video example of how we use our body language to communicate. Can you understand what we are saying?

Scenario 1: Bargaining to have cheaper price
Scenario 2: Meeting a new friend and telling him his zipper is unclosed
Scenario 3: Asking for direction

A typical tourist taking pictures everywhere has arrived to the information desk and asked for:
1. place to eat
2. place to cut hairs
3. place to buy long dresses and shoes
4. place to learn how to dance; after knowing it is 50 per lesson, she decides not to go.

Did you get what we were trying to communicate??

We broadly use our body language not only when we try to communicate with Spanish speakers, but we also come to use it and practise it in a whole new context, dancing.

Buenos Aires is the city where tango is born. We couldn’t resist taking tango lessons here. At first, I was seeing tango as a very technical dance. But after a one to one dancing experience with a professional tango teacher, I have realized that tango is much more. Through tango, our personality, mood and characters are projected in the ways we dance.

It’s really surprising how much we need to constantly communicate with each other non-verbally, in order to move together smoothly with good timing, rhyme and expression. At the beginning, we were both (especially me) quite terrible in term of dance moves, timing and synchronisation. With some practices, we manage to communicate much better via a gentle push with the hands, a synchronized shoulder twisting, a look or just a slight move from the torso. Tango is like a language; through this non-verbal communication, we are able to open up a complete different views about us as a couple and how we cooperate together as a team. Now it’s time for practice!

Here are few ideas about how you can explore the non-verbal communication. It is listed sequentially in the level of difficulty:
• Watch the TV series “Lie to me
• Watch TV with sound off or in a total different unknown language to you
• Watch opera, comedy show, ballet dancing or other dancing performance
• Try to communicate with friends like we did in the video
• Take some dance classes

Let’s go!

Challenge: Explore your body language
Learn and master your body language!

Extra Challenge:

Post your video like we did


Be aware of the messages your body send consciously or unconsciously
Time required: Depending of how you chose to explore body language.
Energy level: Low to high
Preparation: A mirror might be helpful

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