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Hold the Olympic Torch


In the city of Lausanne in Switzerland there is the Olympic museum. They expose many Olympics artefacts, like Olympics torches.


Entrance of the museum

Okay, this is kind of cheated; the torch was not on fire and I didn’t have to run, I give you that. The good point is that if you happen to travel in Lausanne you can easily do it. And the museum is very interesting.

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Create an aquarium


It’s been a really long time I wanted an aquarium. By watching fishes I get very relax and so do you.

But the noise of the filter or air pump, the price of tank or the fact that the fish are in a place I don’t see often was too much of an annoyance for me.

But what if I could get rid of these inconveniences?

Gold fish can leave in a simple tank. With no need for electricity I can put the tank in my study table and make my work environment more relax. Finding a cheap tall tank was an issue, but walking in Ikea a found the prefect tank.


Cheap as well as vertical so it doesn’t take too much space on the desk, this was perfect.

I was afraid it might break with the water pressure, but after few tests it holds without any issue.

And here is the result for less than 100$ including everything plus 3 months of food.



It’s been now 2 months we have the aquarium and everything have been fine.

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