Day 25 – Romanticize your partner!

25 Aug

Romanticize your partner: to view or interpret your partner romantically or to make your partner romantic.

Not all of us or our partners are born with romantic flares or know how to be romantic; but what we all probably have experienced with our partners is a moment of love, a warm fuzzy heart-melting feeling with passionate love. If we look into the definitions of romance, it is defined as ‘a love affair’ or ‘ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people, i.e. love’ or ‘a strong, sometimes short-lived attachment, fascination, or enthusiasm for something’. In this context, we are familiar with romance and we are all romantic.

The general statement on my partner is not romantic may appear as untrue in this case. Your partner certainly has the fascination and enthusiasm of you, otherwise you both wouldn’t be together from the start. Any time during the relationship, there must be affections, many heart-felt feelings, loving emotions and passionate moments between both of you; and these are evidences of romance in your relationship. You both are ‘romantic’. What we have overlooked is our actions of ‘romance’ and perhaps a misunderstanding definition of ‘being romantic’.

We are all different. We show our love to our partners differently. The ways you love your partner may be very different from the ways your partner loves you. Same goes to the ways of ‘being romantic’. You may expect a hotel weekend stay over with beautiful flowers, candle light dinner as a romantic gesture; your partner may simply think cooking together is romantic. The important point is to communicate and understand each other’s definitions and expectations of romance and romantic gestures.

‘Being romantic’ is an ability that can be learnt; especially learn from your partner. It’s like learning a new language between you and your partner; a code that only you two know and appreciate. It’s a fun and exciting learning experiment! When you see your partner’s sweet smiles echoing the heart-felt happiness within, you know all the efforts trying to be romantic are worth it. When the next time your partner tries to be romantic and your turn with the happiness, you will once see your partner’s sweet smiles! Positive circle repeats.

‘Being romantic’ is to create more affection, heart-felt moments, happy positive emotions, attachment, fascination or enthusiasm in love. It’s about taking the initiatives and efforts to pursue these moments. At the beginning of the relationship when everything is so fresh and exciting, it’s easier; as relationship progresses, it becomes important to pursue and create romantic moments continuously.

Find time for romance in your relationship with your partner. Romance is a lovely magical adhesive that rejoins any broken parts, conceals any cracks and reunites to a whole again.

Today I love my partner by: (share it aloud to your partner)

Romanticizing my partner in the ways he or she likes; and showing my partner how I like to be romanticized (perhaps my partner would like it too).

For your actions:

(1)    Find out how you like to be romanticized.

(2)    Find out how your partner likes to be romanticized.

(3)    Taking the opportunity with (2), discuss with your partner on both of your understanding on ‘being romantic’ and ‘romance’.

(4)    With (3), organize with your partner together and do something romantic J

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