Day 22 – Invite yourself and be part of your partner’s dreams

22 Aug

“You are the wind beneath my wings” By Bette Midler

You gave me wings and made me fly, you touched my hand I could touch the sky, I lost my faith you gave it back to me, you said no star was out of reach….” By Celine Dion’s song ‘Because you loved me’

We all have dreams, small to big, wild or crazy, easily reachable or temporary unreachable, since we were very young. Along the way, some dreams were reached, realized and some just get faded away or forgotten. What are your dreams and how about them? And your partner’s dreams? And the common dreams as a couple? Who is currently watching out for these dreams?

Dream remains fascinating because it is a dream; but it doesn’t mean it is far out of reach. If we have plans to get from here to there where the dreams are, all we need to start with are actions of pursuing the dreams and available time to achieve it. Don’t worry about the rest like if you have the capabilities, or have adequate resources and so on, these temporary gaps will be fulfilled as the pursuit goes on once there is a plan to start. Unfortunately most of us stop at the planning stage and no actions of pursuing were taken, because we believe dream is just dream, not achievable; don’t bother to plan.

Is this your view about your dreams? Is your view of own dream pursuit affecting how you view your partner’s dream pursuing? How do you support, motivate and inspire yourself in pursuing own dreams? And how do you support, encourage and lift your partner further in his or her dream pursuit? You have a choice to make, to commit to yourself or your partner, if you want to be a partner who offers wings or wind, so he or she may achieve his or her dreams with your love and support; or a partner who doesn’t care any less. It’s entirely up to you.

Invite yourself ‘into’ your partner’s dreams, be part of these dreams and be part of the pursuit. May be you are already your partner’s entire dream come true; or you are already part of your partner’s dream pursuing process, it’s really a good sign for a relationship. On the hand, if you have no clues about your partner’s dreams, invite yourself in; be the one cheering for your partner along the way, the one gives the energy to go extra mile and the one celebrating at the end. It’s your relationship together; you both have the choice to be there for each other not just for common dreams, but also for each other’s individual dreams!

Be the wind beneath your partner’s wings, to lift your partner higher and carry your partner extra miles!

Today I love my partner by: (share it aloud to your partner)

Committing myself to be the partner who offers wind, to support, encourage and be there in my partner’s journey of dream pursuit. I want to be with my partner celebrating when his or her dreams are coming true!

For your actions:

(1)    What are my dreams? Do I think they are unreachable? Take one dream; develop an action plan and JUST START DOING IT!

(2)    Find a nice moment and take some time to ask your partner and understand what your partner’s dreams are? Ask your partner gently or secretly finding out how you could support him or her in realizing these dreams.

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