Day 15 – One loving kiss a day, live 5 minutes longer ~

15 Aug

“Hug is a perfect gift; one size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it.” By unknown author.

Since we were children, we have experienced the power of body contacts in our daily life. Perhaps It’s through a kiss on the wound as a placebo, believing the wound is no longer painful or a soothing chest rub while having a cold, hoping we will heal from the cold or from a shoulder to lean on which offers sharing of burdens and of a weary heart, or even by the comforting hugs which embraces deep understanding and a broken heart. We all need body contacts to nurture our souls.

Body contact provides the affection that we need in a relationship with others in a magical way; it provides physical closeness and sensations (especially with our partner), assurance and encouragement, as well as fulfills and brings the satisfaction of the mind. It’s a meeting point where energies join together, gaining and releasing of energy between two people, where synergy arises for the greater benefits of the two. Particularly in a love relationship, couple may melt into each other’s presence and becoming stronger, more invincible as one to challenge, conquer and achieve their goals ahead.

Maintaining body contacts with each other within a couple relationships is important and essential; the more frequent you have body contacts with each other, the more loving and closely bonded you are with each other. Try having 1 kiss, 1 hug and 10 minutes holding hands every day for a week and you tell me the differences in your relationship. Just imagine this: try to kiss your partner right after a heated argument with him or her while you are still mad at your partner? Or try to hug your partner after he or she says something hurtful to you. It is hard to do so, right? Maybe a little bit later. The point is that our bodies could not lie and it’s a little more difficult to ask your body to pretend that ‘we are still much in love’ or ‘it is ok’. Have you been hugging each other lately? Been kissing, holding hands and love making?

On average 60-70% of messages are communicated by nonverbal behaviors; body postures, gestures and facial expressions, even eye movements give clues to the attitudes or state of minds of a person. With our partners, the best is when both are open and honest with each other completely, so no guessing work is required. With body languages, we are able to observe and understand our partners better, be more caring and sensitive in delivering our messages in a conversation and show our admiration, affection and love with our arms and bodies. We are all blessed and equipped with tools, i.e. our arms, legs and bodies; why not use them to do something great?!

Lastly, here are my telepathic hugs and kisses, XOXO for all of you who have read my posts and accompanied me so far during the journey of loving your partner! You are the motivation of my writing. A big teddy bear hug goes to all of you!

Today I love my partner by: (share it aloud to your partner)

Giving my partner generously my hugs, kisses and all that I can offer with my body!

For your actions:

(1)    Give my partner 1 kiss, 1 hug and 10 minutes holding hands per day for a week; see if there is any difference in our relationship.



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