30 days of love making – an act of love per day

14 Aug

(Refer: action no.2 in Day 14 – Having sex and making love ~ of our 30 Days on How to love your partner series)

Below are 30 days of actions for your reference. Some may be more challenging and appealing than others, dare yourself out of comfort zone and see what the act of love making may bring you! There may be some surprises waiting for you! Give them a try and have fun!!

  • Day 1 – write a love note and put into your partner’s shirt pocket or hand bags
  • Day 2 – tell your partner you love him or her
  • Day 3 – invite your partner to bathe or take a shower together
  • Day 4 – express your gratitude towards your partner through a piece of cake
  • Day 5 – write a note with at least 5 qualities that your partner has that you appreciate
  • Day 6 – prepare a nice meal for your partner
  • Day 7 – entice sex life with special lingerie or outfit
  • Day 8 – be at the door when your partner returns from work, give a deep welcome home hug
  • Day 9 – give a goodbye kiss when your partner leaves for work, wishing him or her a nice day
  • Day 10 – give your partner a sexual message, email or SMS during the day (be spontaneous and a little wild)
  • Day 11 – give a word of encouragement
  • Day 12 – let your partner know you are here for him or her
  • Day 13 – organize a lunch date together, make efforts to meet up
  • Day 14 – ask your partner how has his or her day been and prepare to listen
  • Day 15 – tell your partner a surprise awaits at home when he or she returns from work; and welcome your partner home naked
  • Day 16 – find a song dedicate it to your partner, expressing how you feel about him or her
  • Day 17 – surprise your partner by taking him or her out to dinner tonight
  • Day 18 – give your partner a foot massage
  • Day 19 – take your partner out to enjoy a spa/theater/exhibition/movie/stand-up comedy… (depending what your partner normally like to do)
  • Day 20 – send a flower to your partner’s office (if you have male partner, give it a try; he may enjoy the attention brought by the flowers received)
  • Day 21 – tell your partner your sexual fantasy or what you like about your partner in bed
  • Day 22 – do something for your partner (that he or she has been asking you to do)
  • Day 23 – give your partner a shoulder rub or message
  • Day 24 – in bed 10 minutes before your partner; get naked and put some music on..
  • Day 25 – give your partner at least 20 kisses throughout the whole day today
  • Day 26 – pamper and give your partner a small gift

  • Day 27 – write your partner a love letter expressing what he or she has made you realized or learnt about love and relationship; also tell how important he or she is in your life
  • Day 28 – give your partner a head message
  • Day 29 – try a different position in making love
  • Day 30 – tell your partner one incident where he or she touches your heart deeply
  • Day 31 – love the way you want with your own style


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