Mix two activities you like (2012.W32)

13 Aug

Mix two activities you like and see what happened
(Ending Sunday 19th August 2012)

Not so far ago, a though cross my mind “why can’t I mix two activities I like doing”.

Like when cooking 2 outcomes can happen with a wide range between them: Mixing two ingredients can lead to a disaster or at the opposite the combination of the ingredient is far greater than the sum of the ingredient.

The movie “ratatouille” illustrates that very well:

So this weekly challenge will consist of mixing 2 activities you like and see what happened. For me it will be chocolate and making thing. Here is an example of what you can do mixing the two:

What will you choose?

Challenge: Mix two activities you like

Extra Challenge:

Mix more than 2 activities


Find synergy in what we like
Time required:
Energy level:
Preparation: A brainstorming can help

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Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!

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