Day 10 – Empower your partner!

10 Aug

Empowerment is the trust and power granted by a person or an institution to another; it is to invest, equip, supply or enable certain abilities.

We are all bestowed with an ability to choose the best for ourselves based on our best understanding of the situation. One’s best may differ from another as we are unique individuals and pursuing different meanings and goals in life. Some people’s best might turn out to be not the best due to limited or insufficient understanding while making the decisions. When we are in a team or in a relationship, the ‘best’ is no longer just merely for one, but for both parties.

In our practical daily relationship, we may have discussed and agreed with our partner on what is the ‘best’ for the major decisions or events; for the insignificant decisions and trivial, we trust and rely on each other’s best abilities to make the ‘best’ decisions for both. A couple-relationship is most solid and tightly bonded when both parties are equipped with the best of their abilities, performing what they accept as their duties and responsibilities voluntarily or willingly, as well as trusting each other and giving the space allowing mistakes.

Take a moment to reflect your current relationship, are you the one making all the decisions, doing all the work, taking care of children and overloaded not only with your own duties and responsibilities, but also your partner’s? Are you aware that you are dis-empowering your partner? Or are you the one being dis-empowered?

A couple may grow stronger physically and mentally together if they are compatible in most of the aspects, aligning and sharing the same beliefs, as well as being supportive to each other.

We all have own part of duties and responsibilities related to the roles we take in a relationship. The scope and the understanding of responsibility may vary depending on the background, beliefs, wishes and desires. It is important for a couple to clearly understand and define the scopes of their roles and what they each and jointly are responsible for.

Learn to let go and trust that each of you are doing the best of your abilities for the relationship; give and share constructive feedback. Empowering each other!

Today I love my partner by: (share it aloud to your partner)

Acknowledging my partner is doing the best of his or her ability for our relationship and I support my partner by trusting and empowering him or her; not by dis-empowering, making judgments, criticisms or nonconstructive feedback.

For your actions:

(1)    Ask yourself if you are empowering or dis-empowering your partner in the relationship? Find out the underlying reasons for your dis-empowering.

(2)    List out 5 areas where you would or could empower your partner and share your thoughts with your partner on the decision.

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