Make your own vision board (2012.W32)

06 Aug

Make your own vision board!
(Ending Sunday 12th August 2012)

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, milestones, quotes and affirmations of
your dreams and desires. It is also called a dream board, treasure map or vision map, and
it can be digital.

Making vision boards or something with similar nature, like our world map below, are great ways to make us feel energized, motivated and positive; reminding us our goals and dreams.

With Cindy, as we both love travelling, so we create a map pinning down the places we have
been together, been individually and the ones we want to go still. It takes us in total 3 hours to
create the map, from shopping, making the board and pinning all places; it only costs us less
than 30$. The fun, the joy and the spirit of team work we have at the end is just far exceeding the
efforts and the costs.

This challenge may appear easy and unchallenging; however it brings many good outcomes and
here are the reasons:

  • No matter what your goals are in life, clearly define them, list them out and place in some where you can see. This may be very motivating whenever you see them!
  • By having your goals visible and in mind all the time, your daily actions and decision making will consciously and unconsciously get aligned with your goals.
  • As your goals are clearly defined, it is easier to monitor and review them with milestones. You are able to see the progress and latest achievements to encourage self further; and on the other hand, the potential difficulties and traps which you may try to prepare and avoid.
  • With the regular monitoring and reviewing, you may check and reconfirm if your approaches and ways of doing things still working for the goals; if they don’t help you moving towards your goals, you may discover and adjust at the earlier stage (minimize losses).
  • As our world is evolving, we are also developing, so do our goals in life. A review of vision board reminds us to update our goals accordingly.
  • Lastly, having the positive energy in wanting to achieve your goals will get you much luckier. By luckier, I mean that you will start to pay attention and see the events bringing new and different opportunities around you.

There are many options, alternatives, solutions and fast passes for achieving our goals and
sometimes we just don’t see them; and having a daily reminder of our goal could assist us in
refocusing our mind. A vision board is a great tool for this.

Create your own vision board?


Challenge: Make your own vision board

Extra Challenge:


Reminding us our goals and dreams
Time required: 1 hour to x hours
Energy level: Low to Medium
Preparation: Maybe some shooping


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Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!

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