Day 6 – Beliefs about love ~

06 Aug

Your beliefs about love are important as they guide you through the journey of love, dictate your behaviors in love and strengthen you while becoming love.

When we were young, we get to know ‘love’ through our parents; the ways they love us and love each others are what we understand as ‘love’. As we grow up, we expose to ‘love’ not only through observing how others love, but also experiencing ‘love’ on our own receiving and giving. We modify our understanding and concept about ‘love’ and form different beliefs, thoughts, hypothesis and experimental trials about love.

What are your beliefs about love?

Our beliefs guide us heading into the directions we want to go, provide us the courage to continue at difficult time and empower us to do our best reaching for the final goals. It’s very powerful and yet dangerous if the beliefs are harmful (to self and others), distorted or are self-limiting beliefs. Even though our beliefs depict the context of our course of actions, but not to forget that we are the master of our own beliefs; we are responsible and we have the power to adjust our beliefs if necessary. We want our beliefs work for us, not against us.

A personal example: I used to believe ‘love at first sight’ and the instant love connection with ‘the one’; I believe the existence of ‘the one’ (fully ready just waiting for me) and I would just to treasure and be in the relationship as simple as it is (not much work needs to be done and forever happy ever after). After few failures, I decided to change my beliefs. I still believe the existence of ‘the one’, but instead of the above mentioned, I believe ‘he is the one that I want to create my future with’. This has changed my whole perspectives on love connection, ideal partner searching and relationship maintenance work required in love journey ever after! So far my current partner is enjoying the fruit of my new beliefs.

Are your beliefs in love still working favorably for you? If yes, I am happy for you and would like to invite you sharing with us if you permit; if not, take this opportunity to review and adjust your beliefs if needed. Our beliefs are our perceptions of the world; it may be adjusted, created or removed (easily if you allow). Be the master of your own beliefs!

(Ps. The word ‘love’ in the texts above may be substituted with ‘marriage’ for another discussion.)

Today I love my partner by: (share it aloud to your partner)

Reviewing my beliefs about love and adjust if needed, so that the beliefs serve the purpose of my ideal love relationship, as well as our current relationship.

For your actions:

(1)    List out 10 beliefs you have about ‘love’ and assess if the beliefs serve the purpose of your ideal love relationship, as well as your current relationship.

(2)    Ask your partner to share his or her beliefs.


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