July update on My 5 self-love actions for the next 90 days (Part 1/3)

31 Jul

Day 30 – Today’s home work: Create a self-love plan of 5 action items for the coming 90 days (July, August, September)

The below is my 5 self-love actions with end of July updates:

(1) Read 3 self-love books (1 book by the end of each month)

Checked – “Love Yourself and it doesn’t matter who you marry” by Eva-Maria Zurhorst

The next book for August is Encouragement changes everything by John C Maxwell.

(2) One statement per day (30 by each month end)

  • July 1 – Loving self is something I want to constantly doing in my life; so far I am proud of myself in doing it.
  • July 2 – I want to pursue my goals in life, enrich my personal growth and live to the fullest.
  • July 3 – Be the person I want to be.
  • July 4 – Be positive as always, do not let negative emotions take over.
  • July 5 – I am responsible for my own life and the decisions I have made.
  • July 6 – Not to give up trying until the very very last moment!
  • July 7 – Life is about exploring, taking myself a step further into the unknown.
  • July 8 – True love exists for the ones who believe and have faith in it.

  • July 9 – If by spending a little more allows great enjoyment in exchange and hassle-free, why budge, just spend the money.
  • July 10 – Being rich is not about how much I earn; it’s about how much I can give.
  • July 11 – Before making any compliant on things not being done; take a moment to appreciate how much has already been achieved.
  • July 12 – When I am in the driver seat, I am the boss. I am responsible for the safety not just mine own, but also every single person in the passenger seat. I do my best. If you do not approve my driving skills, take other cars.
  • July 13 – Anger promotes not only mis-communication, but further stop I from hearing what’s being said.
  • July 14 – I am proud of myself that for the past 5 days, I walk more than 15,000 steps every day.
  • July 15 – Instead of trying to control or manage others, it may be more effective and efficient to control, manage and change myself.
  • July 16 – The world does not evolve around me; things cannot just all happen as I wish. Sometimes, I would need to let others have their ways.
  • July 17 – Giving presentation is just like performing a show; always give more than 100% and enjoy the spot light, attention while on the stage!
  • July 18 – Being nervous due to adrenaline rush is to provide for the best performance. Enjoy it!
  • July 19 – Today, I decide to become a patient person.
  • July 20 – Taking some time to relax, be with self and enjoy life, these are absolutely essential!
  • July 21 – Life is what we make out of it! How much we invest is how much we get at the end.
  • July 22 – Always be aware of own physical and mental energy level. If there is any trouble cause, find it, face it and solve it before it gets serious.
  • July 23 – Take away the “I should’, “I need to” in life and change to “I want” –> I may transform self pressure to self motivation.
  • July 24 – The world is not that big; one way or another, we all related to each other.

  • July 25 – Be open minded while chatting with friends, the conversation may be surprising.
  • July 26 – It is not enough just to accept my own weaknesses, but also need (oops –>) want to ensure they do not expand or further develop in a negative direction (keep them in control).
  • July 27 – To be in control or not in control, this is the question.
  • July 28 – It’s an art to master in the area of grey or ambiguity.
  • July 29 – Sleeping is such an enjoyment; over sleeping is over enjoyment!
  • July 30 – As we cannot choose our family members, why not be the best we can be as a family member?
  • July 31 – Mis-communication is better than no communication.

(3) Two hours of exercise per week (8.5 hours every month)

Half checked – only did 4 hours this month 😦

(4) Two activities per month that I would love to do with myself (2 activities to share each month)

Checked! Sun bathing by the pool for an afternoon and listening to audio books for the whole afternoon.

(5) Save $100 per month for the thing that I always wanted ($100 more at the end of each month)



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