Enjoy right now being who you want to be ~

05 Jul

Lately at work, I so much want to be promoted to a senior or manager position. It is about time and it is the time.

To have a manager title in life, really depends on few things, i.e.not only on my own ability and skills at work, capability in managing and leading self and others, my upper management skills, but also opportunity, chances presented and who I know, as well as the structure of the company (company gives manager title easier than the other due to nature business). So even if I am ready, no available opportunities or lucks, under given company circumstances, I just have to wait.

For someone who is action oriented and always pursuing own goals like me, WAITING is the last option. I make efforts in different alternative options, i.e. communicate to my direct supervisor, 2nd layer supervisor, colleagues in human resources, colleagues in other department, ex-bosses; expand my networks…etc. During the solution exploration, I also received some feedback. Two feedback really stroke me and inspired me:

What do you think manager is doing which I am not already doing? 

What stop me from doing my ideal manager is doing?  

Credit to “Day to be You”

It’s so true that no one is stopping me becoming a manager or leader at my own timing, earlier than my supervisor or company makes me one. I don’t need a title to behave like one; I may empower myself already to be one. I have been my own manager for at least 20 years already; from time to time, I am managing others at work, at personal relationships and with family members and friends, I am still learning in this process of managing, but I am doing it without a ‘manager’ title. Why I need one at work? (besides better pay)

If you feel the same at work, may I encourage you to continue be a manager without having the title 🙂

This particular concept, attitude and spirit may also apply to other area of life. For example, you want to be married and be a wife; then start act like one. It would not help if you act like a girlfriend who always want to be spoiled, pampered and not sharing the co-responsibility of building a home together. If you want your teenage kid to be a responsible young adult, then act like you already have one. Treat him or her like one young responsible adult, give him or her the respects, space and credit to be one.

Life is short. Let’s spend more time enjoying being one, than constantly pursuing to have one. 

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