Completed – 30 Days on How to love yourself more :)

30 Jun

30 Days to Love Ourselves More!! We did it 🙂 Dear Friends and Readers 🙂

I truly hope that this 30 days mini-journey has helped you to understand and appreciate yourself better, as well as starting a life time journey focusing, caring and listening to your inner self with intensive love for yourself.

We are all God’s divine creation, (if you do not share the same view) at least your parents’ wonderful creation, we are here alive to live the best of our abilities, enjoy what we may create for self and others and contribute in return for what we have received in life. There is a higher purpose for each of us in our life. 

At the beginning of this mini-project, 30 Days on How to love yourself more, I commit because: I want

(a) to help a friend to love himself morenot he is starting to love himself more, even a baby step at a day, it is loving himself more each single day; at the same time our relationship grows stronger;

(b) to achieve my bucket list challenge goalyes and I am proud of myself 🙂

(c) to know and share the importance of self-love with more friends or readersI shared and at the same time, I am loving myself more every single day too!

(d) to receive some sharing on your precious life experiencesI received comments from few bloggers who shared the same views and their life experiences. They have encouraged me tremendously.

I have gained more than I gave. Thank you all who read my posts, shared comments, gave feedback and liked what I believe 🙂

I wish all of us all creating and profiting from the life we want and we create!

We are responsible.

Love from Cindy

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