Day 28 – How much do you protect yourself from negative influences?

28 Jun

Positive energy meditates on positive thoughts, affirmation and influences.

How many times when you achieve or accomplish some goals successfully, you hear yourself saying instead of “Well done! You are so brilliant!”, “I am so proud of myself”, you hear “It’s nothing; it’s my responsibility” or “Be humble and not to be egotistic about it”. How many times when you fail or under achieve, you make judgment on your capabilities, blame your abilities and lash yourself with inadequacy. Are you a positive influence to yourself?

Are people around you that you know of happy about themselves and content in their lives? Are they influencing you in a positive ways? Are you protecting yourself against the negative influences brought by you and others?

Negative comments, thoughts and influences consume energies. The more you receive, the more you accumulate and multiply. It’s like a black hole absorbing all your energy. In additions, you would need to generate more energy to recoup with the energy you’ve lost. It’s like the snow ball effect; it just rolls and rolls till it gets far too big. Luckily the same applies to positive energy! The more you focus on being positive, support yourself with affirmations, encouragement, recognition to own abilities and be proud of self, the more positive you will be and more loving, nurturing and enriching you are to yourself in your life.

Take a stand and start to be the best positive influence in your own life; protect yourself from all other negative influences, no matter from yourself or others.


Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I protect myself from any negative influences bought by me or others; it may be an unconscious blaming, one line of harsh criticism or a hint of inadequacy to a basket of complaints or trivial blab la. I block them out to conserve my positiveness.

Today’s home work:

Take a moment to list out what negative influences I bring to myself and also brought by others. Think of the solutions to stop doing that and come up with alternatives positive habits to replace.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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