Day 26 – Are you standing firm for your beliefs?

26 Jun

When no one else in the world is to support your beliefs, there is always this last person steps up for what you believe in. And this person is ‘You’.

How many times in life, people question and challenge your beliefs? Thinking you are young and inexperienced, still lots to learn in life or perhaps assuming you are aged, becoming stubborn and rigid in thoughts? Or seeing you are as an outlier with totally different perspectives and they just don’t like your un-conformed ideas? Under these circumstances, what do you do and how do you react? Do you stand firm and confident in what you believe in? Or doubt yourself and back down to avoid confrontation? Or don’t even bother to explain and communication your point of view? And how do you feel about the stand you take?

We are living in a world where the strong takes advantages of the weak, the loud takes over the soft, the majority ignores the minority, and everything is in fast-tracked mode and simply no time for each other to listen and to explain. Are you behaving like this? Are you doing this not only to others, but also to yourself? I.e. take advantages of the emotions experienced or exploded, ignoring inner voices and body signals, as well as no time for self. If it is you, it’s the time to stop whatever you are doing and takes a moment to listen and empathize the inner you, change your side and perspectives.

Stand firmly right by your own side. Truly believe what you believe in. If you don’t, might as well drop that belief. Breath in and out these beliefs, live through them and act base on them. Your beliefs are the principles of your life; they are meant to support and help you in creating your life, achieving your dreams, but not to hinder and stubbornize you into a corner. Be very careful of what beliefs you are choosing to be part of you and your life; review them regularly and be proud of them, as well as stand firm by them. No one should make you feel inadequate about your beliefs.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I choose my beliefs wisely and review them on regular basis; I am proud about them and always stand firm by my own beliefs, not give up easily in communicating my beliefs to others. I honor my beliefs in creating a life I want and achieving the dreams I wish for.

Today’s home work:

Find out if you stand firmly about your beliefs when others challenge or criticize your beliefs? If yes, how do you stand firm? And if you are not, find out the reason and ask yourself, what does it take for you to take a stronger stand about your beliefs the next time?

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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