Day 20 – How simple is your life?

20 Jun

Less is more.

During a single day, how many routine activities like: having meals, taking shower/bath, going to work, driving kids to schools…etc., do you do? And on top of these, how many non-routine activities are incorporated additionally into your day? Is there any activity or process that you could or wish to simplify or eliminate? Are there any tasks you may combine or outsource to save time?

We humans have the tendency to expand and increase the numbers of to-do tasks, in order to occupy our time thinking spicing up our lives; we as well as to exaggerate the efforts required for the tasks and to complicate the process, so that we feel more important at the things we are doing and be in the center of attention. With all the activities carried out, are they really serving our purpose? And what is your purpose?

Without digging deeply into the “purpose of life”, because this subject alone can already be a very big topic; just simply ask yourself: how would you like to feel about your day? And do the activities you do serving and pursuing how you want to feel? Are they adding values? For example, you want your day to be calm, relax and smooth; instead of pacing yourself throughout the day and take an hour or so after work at home to do some yoga or relaxation activities, you rush the day through with intensity, drive in traffic, experience the stress of finding a car park, so you may attend a yoga lesson to be calm, relax and rush back home. You see the point?

Have your ideal day by doing the activities addressing directly how you like to feel about your day; have it simply but fulfilled with best efficient quality.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I eliminate or simplify one process in my daily activities, so that I am pursuing my ideal day with efficiency, productivity and simplicity.

Today’s home work:

List out the routine and non-routine activities you have done today and see which activities and processes may be simplified or eliminated or added (if it is pursuing your ideal day).

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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