Day 18 – Are you exercising your right of making own decisions?

18 Jun

What is desirable deep down in your heart, you cannot deny; Life is full of choices, you cannot ignore; What to choose or to let go, swinging back-and-forth between the black and white; no one else can, but solely your right to decide.

How many choices or decisions have you made today, from big to small, relevant to irrelevant? How often do you make your own decisions and how easy to have you deciding for yourself? Under what circumstances, you allow others to make decisions on behalf? And if not at all, are you exercising the right of making your own choices?

We go through many phases in our life. When we were young, parents may perhaps allow, assist or dictate us in our own decision making process. As we grow up, we learn and slowly take over the responsibility. It’s important for you to know and to realize is that it’s your life that you are living right now and it’s your future you are creating, not others’ future (they already have their chances). Any consequences followed by your decisions made today, you enjoy or bear them yourself; no one is able to take over the full consequences, even if they are willing, or be fully responsible for you.

Making decision requires practices, the more decisions you made, the more you learn from the results; the more you know how to make the right ones which are to your favor, not just for the short-term benefit, but also brining the accumulative positive impacts in the long-run.

You have the right to make your own decisions. Be careful and humble while processing, seek advices or helps from the experienced if needed; be grateful for the results followed by your decisions, as you are always able to learn something from them. Practice makes perfect!

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I empower myself to make my own decisions from now; I take the ownership and the responsibilities or consequences followed by my choices. No one knows better than me as to what are the best for me in life. It’s my life, present and future and I am accountable.

Today’s home work:

Understand and aware of the ownership and pattern of your current decision making process by taking notes on all the decisions you have made today and in the coming 24 hours. How did/do you make your decisions? i.e. gut feeling or gather information from others and you do the final call…etc. Did anyone make a decision for you or try to influence your decision in the process? What would you continue doing and what would you change?

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)


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