Day 17 – How is the quality of your living place?

17 Jun

Home is where others understand you.

Most of the people feel secured, unguarded, comfortable and at ease at their own home. It is because, a safe home allow us to be figuratively naked, taking down all the defense shields and protection disguises, as well as simply let us just be our original selves, the way we truly are. Home is also the place where you (and your families) accept the naked you, understand the real you; it is the place where your friends or others get to be a little closer, see and understand the real you.

So how does your home look and feel like? Home is a space not just where you sleep, but also where you dream, set life goals and create many life experiences and memories; it’s a place full of your personalities, characteristics, tastes for life and fulfilled expectations of living quality. It does not matter if you live by yourself or with your families, you make a lot of money or not, you can always create a living environment which comforts, protects and nurtures you (and your families). It’s important to enjoy life through enjoying your living environment, families you live with and friends who come to visit.

After a long day of hard working, finally get to come home to relax, to rest and to re-energize yourself, physically and emotionally, for the next day; what type of home would you want to go back to? Is it your current home or something slightly better in mind? It’s never too late to start making some changes in pursuing a better living atmosphere and environment; it’s never too late to enjoy the money you earn on enhancing your quality of life and living standard; it’s not too late at all to love yourself (and families) a bit more in how you live.

What you (and your families) put in or invest in your home is what you (and your families) benefit in return. You have the power to choose and the capacities to fulfill and equip your dream home, don’t let it go. A home is more than just a home.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I place myself in a living environment which is comfortable, clean and the best for me (and my families); I honor my home with attention, care and love, as what I bring and contribute to my home is what I benefit in return; and I want to be supported and nurtured by the love bestowed, invested in my home.

Today’s home work:

Take one day, today, to tidy up and clean your living place; throw away objects that no longer serve you, refresh the look and revamp your living space, think through what type of atmosphere you want for your living environment, make few changes and create new habits, so that you (and your families) may feel the self-love through the quality of your home.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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