Day 15 – How are you affirming and encouraging yourself?

15 Jun

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

In life, are you a person who seeking for others’ affirmation on “who you are” and waiting for someone else to say to you: “You are beautiful (or handsome) inside out”, “You are kind and wonderful to be with”? Or hoping for others’ encouragements to you: “You can do it!”, “You have what it takes to achieve your goals.” or “You deserve better!”? Ever being tired of seeking and waiting? How about the option you become the one who is constantly affirming and encouraging yourself? You take the ownership back?

We all need affirmations and encouragements, one way or another, in our life; especially at the period of having career or financial difficulties, facing emotional vulnerabilities or physical challenges, as well as on the path of self-searching. It is like the air conditioner in hot, sticky and humid summer; you may live and function without one, however you certainly enjoy and work much more efficiently, comfortably and with higher spirits if you have one serving you.

To affirm and to encourage is not difficult, but often being forgotten, especially given to self. An affirmation given to self on specific or appropriate area at good time restated self-confidence; an encouragement conferred to self at the right time re-boots and re-energizes the spirits!

How hard does it take you to affirm and encourage self?


Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I constantly affirm and encourage myself with kindness and love; I take the ownership of building and affirming my self-confidence, as well as keeping myself constantly encouraged with high spirit in life.

Today’s home work:

Right now, use up all 5 minutes; to give yourself as many affirmations and encouragements in the areas you think you would need affirmations and encouragements.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)


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