Day 12 – How amazing is your body shape?

12 Jun

Your body shows to the world how you look like; not who you are.

Photo Credited to Beauty Redefined

Do you like what you see of yourself in the mirror? Are you happy about your body shapes? How much are you affected by others’ views, i.e. compliments or criticisms on your own body outline?

Few decades ago, in some countries, being big, voluptuous and plummy was a symbol of wealth and prestige. In recent years, being slim, bony and sticky represents trendy and success. Different era, different view of beauty; different person prefers different outlooks. While you are happy or unhappy about your outlook, having some kind of ideal body shapes for yourself, do you notice the question ‘who’ are you trying to please? Is it general public? Potential lovers? Or actually ‘yourself’?

If you are willing, take the perspective beyond, you may find it is actually ‘yourself’ that you are trying to please. If you accept ‘you have a sexy body outlook’, no matter what your body size is, you will have sex appeal; however, if you take as ‘You have ugly body shapes or oversized body’, then even if you have the body like a devil figuratively, you will feel ‘ugly body shapes and oversized’. The point here is it is not how others’ views of your body shapes determining how you feel about yourself, but your own view and acceptance determines. No one should make you feel bad about your own body. Full stop.

Be a little kind to your own body shapes, accept it and appreciate it. If you are not happy about it, let’s work on it with kindness, good programs and constant self-encouragement. Changes are not happening just over the night, especially with our body shapes, which involve pre-determined factors like genetic make-up, individual metabolism that you cannot really do much about them and other factors like eating habits and exercise routines that you could put some efforts on. So it is at least 50% in your hand; you may decide and work on how you like to appear.

Photo Credited to Beauty Redefined

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I accept and appreciate my own body shapes and my genetic make-up; I am kind to myself, I am supportive and positive if there is any change or effort needed. I will not let anyone to make me feel bad about my body shapes.

Today’s home work:

List out what you like about your body shapes, i.e. sexy bottom, nice curvy waistline…etc., and admire your own body; list out the body parts you would like to be kind to, accept them the way they are and start to appreciate and see them in a positive way.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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