Day 10 – Are you letting the force of nature guiding and loving you?

10 Jun

Are you letting the force of nature guiding and loving you?

Listen, to the whispers of the wind, blowing away your sorrow and regrets; Stay still, in the shower of the rain, cleansing your mind and soul; Revive, with the warmth of the sun, fulfilling you with love and hope.

What we didn’t know or didn’t see doesn’t mean it does not exist. The force of nature is always around us, if we choose to notice and feel them.  They exist for a higher reason: to restore the balance of life at its own timing. They bring messages to all of us, individually and as a group to mankind, if we choose to listen and understand.

What is your relationship with the force of nature? Do you listen and how do you feel when the wind blows? What is your view about the rain? And when was the last time you enjoy a good sun bath and let the sun warms you inside out? Do you pay attention to the things you are taking for granted? Are you enjoying the smallest things happened in your life?

There are so many nature wonders and gifts around your life, waiting for you to simply notice and enjoy them. They bring pleasures, messages, dangers and warnings, as well as the power of restoration. It is important and valuable if we could understand and leverage them in time. Benefit and learning from the force of natures; let them show us, guide us and love us in the journey of loving ourselves.

Let these nature forces and gifts around you to restore your life to balance. Maximize their presence and maximize your life.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I notice the nature wonders, i.e. gentle breeze, strong wind, sea, rain, thunder, rainbow, sun shine…etc, around in my life, feel the gifts and the power they are bestowed with, the messages and the restoration they bring to my life. I know the force of nature is with me, guiding me and loving me.

Today’s home work:

Paying attention to the force of nature around you right now and listen to them. (Right now, I hear birds chirping to celebrate the power of life; they encourage me the vitality of life. And a big smile on my face, knowing I am not alone.) If necessary, take yourself to nearby sea side or places where you could feel the wind, rain or the sun or many others… Just listen and feel, let them cleanse you, take away your negative emotions and thoughts, let them fill you with what you need, so you feel fulfilled.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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