Day 9 – How do you heal yourself?

09 Jun

By the power of nature, everything heals itself; so do human. By the power of love, humans not only recoup, but also regenerate all what are needed to start again!

You are not the only one who get hurts, get rejected, get cheated or abandoned…etc. Every one of us, in a life time, would have some experiences which left a deep cut in the heart or emotionally. Despite our survival instinct and protection mechanism, it seems getting hurts, one way or another, is a part of our life; let alone the hurts happened repetitively.

So how do you heal yourself? Do you leave your cuts alone and let them heal naturally themselves? Or do you disinfect them and take good care of them while healing is taking place? Either ways lead to recovery. However, if you take very good care during the healing process, you will not just have the cuts healed faster and better, you are also enhancing and equipping yourself with the knowledge and cautions to make wiser decisions (hence to avoid getting hurts again), as well as regaining the courage to face the future, to start again.

The first level of the healing process is to have you pay attention to your cuts and how you would make your cuts or yourself feel better, reduce the pain level; the second level requires your courage and honesty to find and face up to the root cause of your cuts. Sometimes to find the root cause may be even more painful as you need to dig through all the ‘seemed healed but sensitive’ cuts in the past in order to get to the original cut

To heal properly and completely is not easy and it requires more than just natural recovery. But if you face the hurts bravely at the first time when it happens, treat with the best care and love you can give, you will reduce the times getting the same hurts in the future.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

When I get hurt, I take care of myself physically and emotionally, I find ways to make myself feel better; with courage and honesty, I find the causes behind my hurts, accept and forgive these reasons, so that I will equip myself and regain the courage to face the future and to avoid the same hurts happen again.

Today’s home work:

Take a moment to remember how do you heal your hurts in the past; what worked and what didn’t work? Explore around ways of healing yourself in both levels and try them out. Dedicate yourself a song which will help you in the process of healing.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

(This is my healing song)


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