Day 7 – How good you are?

07 Jun

He who appreciates self appreciates others; he who sees the beauties within recognizes the beauties in others. It takes one to see another.

It’s not about being egocentric, self absorbed with excessive vanity and self-love; it is about recognizing how good you are, appreciate the characteristics and personalities which make you who you are today and being happy about the way you are.

If being “appreciative” is not a part of your habit, please adopt it and give it a try. It’s one of the best gift you may give to yourself on the journey of love yourself more. Starting from list out the positive characteristics and personalities you know of that attach on you, i.e. cute, smart, energetic, task-oriented, hard working …etc, as well as the negative ones, i.e. impatient, quick temper, picky, self-demanding …etc. Make no judgment to what you list out, don’t let self-defense (i.e. no, I am not like that…) or self-lashing (i.e. you see, you are not good enough…) interrupt you while doing the listing. Refrain yourself from thinking how to improve or what to do about them; at this moment, simply just acknowledge them and accept them, the way they are.

There are always two sides of a coin; there are also two views, pro and con of a characteristic. For example, your ‘impatient’ characteristic normally would have more negative impacts than positive; however because you have ‘impatient’, you want things to be done as soon as possible, so you have ‘action-oriented’ to accomplish tasks quickly. Take another example, you have ‘energetic’ with you, this sounds full of life and ready to go; on the other hand, this may be ‘impetuous’ and ‘hasty’. What seems to be positive has its negative and what seems to be negative also has its positive. You cannot just see one side of a story.

Appreciate them, because they made you who you are today; appreciate them, indirectly you are appreciating yourself. When you appreciate and love yourself the way you are, you are free from how others think of you.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I appreciate my own characteristics and personalities which make me who I am today; I appreciate the positive characteristics as much as the negatives ones, because I value there are always two side of a coin.

Today’s home work:

Dedicate today or the coming 24 hours to appreciate yourself; list out all the characteristics that you have, find out the two sides of a stories, tell yourself in front of a mirror, listen to what you say to yourself and be proud; constantly appreciate yourself in this 24 hour time and the next few days…

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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