Day 6 – What is the new change you are willing to make to love yourself more?

06 Jun

Your current situation reflects how you are loved by yourself. If you are not happy and would like to love yourself more, it’s time for some new changes.

Right at this moment, which areas of your life, i.e. love and relationships, own body shape and health, finances, emotions…etc, that you feel very much being taken care of by you? That you are happy and in control? And which areas have been neglected by you? That you are always catching up the back logs and worrying about what’s next? If this helps, also think about what are the areas that you wish others could take care of or others have already been taken care of for you, i.e. others should or make you feel “I am good enough”, happy or …. Instead of asking or relying on others, perhaps you may start to take the ownership.

Loving oneself is a life time journey and requires life time efforts. You may grow and change, people around you may grow and change, the world we are living in is constantly changing; so changes are inevitable. Facing external changes, i.e. changes caused by others and learning how to adapt require time and efforts; to face and carry out internal changes within you, voluntarily or involuntarily, requires tremendous courage and dedication to follow through. No one says changes are easy and the sooner you come to embrace changes, the sooner the changes work for you. The sooner you realize the importance of loving yourself and new changes are necessary in this journey, the sooner you may reap and enjoy the fruit of self-love.

Changes may or may not happen overnight. Patience and perseverance are needed. What for sure is, if you know where you want to go (i.e. love yourself more everyday), you commit to the new changes (that will take you there), you have action plans to follow through and support the new changes (i.e. set to do list and milestone check) and you will succeed in having the new changes embedded in your life (and on the road of loving yourself more)!

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I realize the importance of self-love and changes on this journey are inevitable; I welcome the changes that are needed, I face and carry them out with courage, patience and perseverance. I want the change becomes a part of my life; I want to love myself more.

Today’s home work:

Find the area(s) that you would like to love yourself more, commit to one change that helps you loving yourself more and make a program or action plan that will support your new change until the change becomes a part of your life.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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