Day 5 – Will you let your negative emotions and thoughts go?

05 Jun

Emotions are gifts which are meant to spicy up life, to make experiences more vivid at that moment in time. When emotions occur within us, we feel them, experience, enjoy through them and let them go.

Take a moment to answer when was the last time you were feeling sad, angry, disappointed or afraid? When was the last time someone made you feeling not good enough? And now think of when was the last time you were feeling excited, happy, in love or worry free? The last time you tell yourself, “I am so proud of you or I admire your spirit”? Have you noticed the response time of your replies and the images appearing in your mind right after the questions?

Emotions make us human and make our life more vigorous and alive! In life, we have so many events happened, are happening and will be happening. We are in a continuous experiencing of all human emotions. It is a part of us and a part of living. We are meant to take the ride, enjoy the ride through and exit the ride. If you like, keep the snap shot photos of the ride at the end for future reminiscence; but not to linger any longer at the exit. What for? If you like the emotions the ride brings you, just take another available ride!

Nevertheless, there will always be some people hold on to the negative emotions and related thoughts, i.e. I am not good enough, self-pity, sad…etc, longer than they hold on to the positive ones, i.e. I am super great, wonderful, confident and so on. Is it really no way out of negative looping on emotions and thoughts? Or is it feeding on own ego that “I am right about the situation, so it is right for me to feel this (negative) ways”? And by continue staying in the negative emotions and thoughts reinforces the belief of “I am right”? Or is it benefiting from being in victim’s package, so that others are responsible for the negative emotions and thoughts, but not one self?

Where you choose to focus on is where your energy will flow to and it is where your entire being will be.

If you have negative emotions and thoughts all the time, for example: feeling and thinking you are not good enough, your energy feeds onto that thought , as well as your being will be soaked by ‘you are not good enough’. And you are hoping and expecting others around you to feel and think the opposite that ‘you are good enough’?

You have choices on what emotions and thoughts you want to focus on. It is entirely in your hand and up to you, irrespective you believe or not, like or not. You have the power to let go.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I pay attention to the emotions occur within me, receive them as they are, experience and enjoy them through, then I put them down and let them go; I watch the related thoughts coming into my mind and carefully choose what I want to focus, to let my energy feed on and where my entire being will be.

Today’s home work:

Right now, how do you feel after reading this post? What thoughts are coming to your mind? Pay attention to the emotions and thoughts impacted you the most. Exercise your power of making choice on what you emotions and thoughts you will focus on. (Hopefully you have chosen a positive thought!)

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)


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3 responses to “Day 5 – Will you let your negative emotions and thoughts go?

  1. carli

    November 11, 2012 at 09:56

    Thank you. This gave me a new sence of courage for life

    • Hsing

      November 11, 2012 at 21:29

      Hi Carli, thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 glad to know what I am writing giving a different perspective 🙂 sometimes it is just what we need to think differently and explore life further 🙂


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