Day 3 – How nature does wonders in loving yourself?

03 Jun

All livings have been bestowed a purpose and gifts from the creator to share with the world. You are one of them and you have a purpose in life with gifts to share.

Tall trees, wild flowers and fishes in the streams in the forest, they grow without anyone is taking care of them. Busy bees, beautiful butterflies and tiny ants, they live and perform the best of their parts despite their sizes and fragility. There is a purpose for every living in the world. The livings without developed intellect may have just one simple purpose which is to grow and to bring gifts to the world. For examples: trees grow and bring shades, release phytoncid (an organic compound derived from tree or plants) for human to relax and improve health, bees work and spread pollens to maintain ecological balances, wild flowers blossom and show their best colors to cheer up the hearts and so on.

How about your bestowed purpose and the gifts which to be shared with the world as a developed intellect? Have you find your purpose in life and the gifts within? Both are life time home work requiring many inner self-searches. There may be many short term purposes and discoveries of different gifts at different phases of life. The important point for you is to be aware that you do have a life time purpose and valuable gifts within you to share with not just your lovers, family and friends but also to yourself and the world!! Go beyond what you think of yourself.

Being in nature, it is like back to basic, back to the original – the day you were made and born. It’s to put down all the subsequent received learning, education, knowledge, restrictions and experiences, simply just be the original you and share this you with yourself. Embrace both yourselves (original and now).

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I go into nature and simply be the me I am, I bring out the inner self to be part of the nature, part of the tranquility, part of the peace, part of the nature force and wonders; I experience the love nature may bring and open to the purposes and gifts nature may inspire.

Today’s home work:

Go into nature together with yourself, i.e. nearby botanic garden, mountain or forest at least for an hour; just simply feel what nature brings you, experience being part of nature, being the original you; without much effort, just listen to your inner self your purpose in life and the gifts you have to share. Answers always are within you.

Encouragement for myself:

(It’s your space…)

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