Day 2 – When was the last time you pamper yourself?

02 Jun

To pamper is to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive kindness, care and attention.

We often think ‘pamper’ is an action which parents do to their children or an action between lovers; and very seldom, we ‘pamper’ ourselves. If we do ‘pamper’ ourselves all the time and adequately, as per the above suggested, to treat and give ourselves with extreme or excessive kindness, care and attention whenever we need it or want it, ever wonder how we would be like??… Maybe, we would be very self-love sufficient and would not ask so much from people around us.

Do you ever pamper yourself? How do you pamper yourself? Can you imagine anyone else other than yourself would know better in how to pamper you? I mean not only the pampering in material sense, but also the emotional and intellectual levels. For example, you are stressed, exhausted at work or frustrated, disappointed at someone or some events. By being aware to pamper yourself, you are alert in receiving any physical or emotional (or both) signals sent out by yourself and attending to them. By pampering yourself, you may treat yourself to a message, a walk into the nature or a visit to sea-side to release the physical fatigue. By pampering yourself, you may accept own emotional vulnerability to frustration and disappointment, kindly comfort and be with yourself and encourage looking at the bright side. This is pampering.

Too much pampering leads to indulgence; too much self-pampering leads to self-indulgence. There is always a balance in the universe. It’s our responsibility to love ourselves and pamper ourselves to the right balance.

Today I love myself by: (read the below aloud 3 times and listen to what you read)

I pamper myself by giving my kindness, genuine care and dedicated attention to myself from this moment onwards, I listen to my inner voices and watch out for any signals seeking attention, I pamper myself to love myself more, not to indulge myself.

Today’s home work:

Find out how you like to be pampered materially, emotionally and intellectually; and go ahead to pamper yourself!!

Encouragement for myself:

(it’s your space…)


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