30 Days on How to love yourself more

01 Jun

Hi, Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s great that you are searching for any topics or articles about “LOVE YOURSELF“. Very often we rely on others to love us, make us happy, letting others to disappoint us or make us sad. Actually in life, the only person who is responsible for ourselves happiness and who is allowing others to make impacts on us is OURSELVES!

In the coming 30 days, the whole month of June, I will post one article per day on how to love yourself more. It’s not too late to start loving yourself and certainly no problem to love yourself even more if you are already loving yourself!
I commit to this 30 days mini-project, because: I want (a) to help a friend to love himself more, (b) to achieve my bucket list challenge goal, (c) to know and share the importance of self-love with more friends or readers and (d) to receive some sharing on your precious life experiences. 
My ears are all yours and my heart is with you in the journey of loving ourselves more. 

Love from Cindy 

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6 responses to “30 Days on How to love yourself more

  1. selfharmony

    June 3, 2012 at 23:36

    i am on bord! this couldnt come at a better timing.

    cant wait to read the rest of the post on this and hear your insights

    • Hsing

      June 4, 2012 at 19:25

      Hi, thanks for your encouragement! Looking forward to hear more of your feedback, thoughts on my posts and share your experiences with me 🙂 Hsing


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