Repair or give a new use to somethings (2012.W22)

28 May

Bucket Challenge: Repair or give a new life of one of the stuff you don’t use anymore.
(Ending Sunday 3rd Jun 2012)

Most of the time, when our belongings aren’t useful anymore. We just throw them away, like we do with newspapers; we buy, we consume and we trash it.

This habit we take with stuffs can easily shift to people. I’m sure you all now a man who sees women as tools and goes from one woman to another one without really enjoying the relationship.

Throwing things pollute and make us poorer, but don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking that we keep all the newspapers we buy in our life. But as we throw things, it is good to be aware of this act of destruction and consider for a moment if there are no better options. Many things we throw away can easily restore a second life, be fixed or maybe someone else will be happy to receive it.

The simple fact of fixing something allows us to understand its history, how it works and is designed. We never really know how things work, we just use them.

As with people, most of the time we just interact. We don’t try to understand the person and this can lead to many miscommunication. The meaning of the things we say can be very different from the words we use. We communicate a lot through hidden meanings and just listening to the words we say, it doesn’t allow us to understand the hidden messages.

But when you learn, even roughly how things work or why they work like that, it opens a whole new world of messages and understanding. And this may offer you many more options and opportunities.

We tried to restore a bench with some fixes and gave it a new graphic look. Now it is beautifully sitting in the garden, enjoying the spring sun and looking forward to summer! Give yourself this challenge!

Challenge: Repair or give a new use to something

Extra Challenge:

Don’t throw things without having at least 2 seconds of consideration for them. This will define how you interact with life.


The comparison between people and stuffs is very close, so please have few consideration for people/stuff and in general.
Time required: 1 hour to much more.
Energy level: Low to High
Preparation: (a) Find somethings to fix (b) Fix it

Need ideas or counsels?

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Don’t forget to share with us your experiences and how your life has changed because of the challenge!!

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