Checked on 2012 Week 1 Challenge “Getting Rid of Useless Stuff”

15 Feb

Don't worry, we keep our kitty

In response to our weekly challenge, we did some serious cleaning.

It was difficult at the beginning, because we don’t know where to start. But after some time we became crazy. Like you can see in the picture bellow:

We also put some stuff which we were hesitating to throwing away in the cellar [to be throw away soon]

I was concerned to have an empty feeling after throwing all the stuff; but it was quite the contrary. I’m feeling having much more free space which made the home look bigger and cleaner.

It was also quite surprising to see that we dug out lot of stuff we have long gone forgotten. A some point the cleaning was looking like a treasure hunt. We made a special bag for things to be given away. It did take some time, but it totally worth it.

Begin the year with a clean Zen home and you feel you can achieve anything! :p

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