Checked (on our Bucket List) – Overnight on a Shaky Boat!

14 Feb

Shaky home for the night (cannot believe she puked ...)

This is the boat which we spent a night. It is parked at Bouveret harbor in Switzerland.

The night was cold and snowy. The boat looked small from outside. To our surprises, inside was quite warm, cosy and spacious. There are folding tables, a sink with working space and even a chemical toilet!

Just wake up, morning outside the boat.

The sailing boat was anchored inside the harbor for our night stay. The water was relatively calm, but still shake constantly and gently left and right. It took us a while to get used to the movements, especially after Cindy emptied out her full stomach after a good buffet. At the beginning, we tried to sleep with the waviness of the water, sound of the wind (got stronger as the night darken) and the crackling sound of the ropes hitting the poles. Once when we used to the regular sounds, funny thing was, we both woke up when there was total silence, wondering what had just happened? It was not an easy night to start. Luckily, at the end, we slept like babies until the owner of the boat woke us up with hot breakfast!


In the morning, there was much more snow than the night before! We were very surprised to see how beautiful the place is in the day light! We took some pictures and left for home. We may have left the boat and the place behind, but certainly the experience was still with us!! We couldn’t help on feeling the wavy feelings within us, as if we were still on the boat. We felt it on the train, on the sofa at home, even while we were lying on the bed, and still feel like as if we were on the boat! Everything was shaking a little (feel like to puke a little.. poor Cindy..)



Here is the view from the port looking towards the inland.

This experience was special and sensory. It is definitely worth it giving a try! Another tick to our bucket list challenges! Cindy and Loic

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